Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Pretty Dark Olive/Green Twill/Gator Green Cloudscape Jacket

Patch Game Jacket

Stride Jackets are back. I wear mine all the time. 

I think these were stealth uploaded after last week's upload because I noticed these over the weekend - diamond pattern Rest Less Half Zips. I might order one of these. I returned the Dark Court Purple one I ordered a couple of weeks ago but I really like the new colors - Slate Blue, Star Ruby (shown), and Deep Ivy.

New Green Jasper Breeze Swiftly LS. Love the Breeze tops. They have become my number one travel top.

New rulu top called Hit Unwind.

Forever Endeavor Rulu pullover.

New Inked print in WUPS and Energy Bra.

Seriagraph Fast and Free Tight

New Free to Be Serene Bra colors in Serigraph, Misty Merlot, and Red Bronzer.

Find Focus 7/8 Tight

Nocturnal Teal Front of the Pack Half Zip

Lilac Stone Define

Patch Game Short

Sweat and Repeat Tight

Deep Stretch LS

Flowerescent Multi Tracker Shorts

I'm still thinking about ordering a couple of things - did you get anything today?


Amy said...

I returned my Restless 1/2 zip from earlier this fall as well. It felt thin and not great. Do you think this new release will be different--I'm an east coast person and need a little more heft (the diamond pattern Rest Less Half Zips)

LuluAddict said...

@Amy - I don't know. I saw them in the store earlier this week but didn't feel them up. I am thinking about ordering one of the new half zips. If I had to guess, I don't think they'd be much different than the earlier batch.

Anon. said...

I ordered the flowerescent tracker shorts. I live that print and I've been not loving the prints the trackers came in all summer. Hoping to see a restless pullover in some more colors next week.

Anonymous said...

I bought the deep stretch- love it. Flattering, well made. Would love to see more colors.

Anonymous said...

Hey there ..... just curious what your thoughts are on the return of the Fleecy Keen jacket - or something like it - I missed that one and regret not having bought it - haven’t found anything since the last release a few years ago and this is usually the time of year I recall having seen them. I contacted Lulu and just got the generic “don’t know what we are getting it or when...” answer. Or if anyone here would sell there’s .... thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love the deep stretch shirts... bought 2. They are flattering and made well. Have not washed them yet.... nice change though. Need more colors.

Anonymous said...

I bought the deep stretch... love it and would love to see more colors.