Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Cloud Scape Jacket

Never Still Crop in Wildwood Multi and Black.

Out of Range Bag (CAN)

Dark Court Align Crops

Snuggle Up Jacket

Brushed Luxtreme Speed Up Tight. These go up to a 14.

10" Sweat and Repeat Short. I might order these.

Seek the Heat Tight in Green Jasper and Black.

New print - Seriagraph Starlight Black Multi Free to Be Serene Bra.

Vintage Mauve Highlines Pullover

Sweat Embrace LS

Ikat Needle print Run All Day Backpack.

Deep Stretch Racerback in Arctic Plum

Brushed Wunder Under Pants. Comes in 14, too.

Pretty new blue - Cyber Blue - in Speed Up and Tracker Shorts.

Extra Mile Jacket in Dark Chrome

Dark Court Swiftly

Woodland Camo Festival Bag (CAN)

Ready to Rulu Pant in Green Jasper. These come in a 14 now.

Free to Be Moved Bra in Incognito Camo

Frosted Pine Luxtreme WUPs

Green Jasper Tight Stuff Tights

Lunar Rock Luxtreme WUPs

Moonphase Luon WUPs

Wildwood Multi Energy Bra

Lemon Ice Free to Be Long Line Bra

Black Scallop SE Wunder Unders

Lilac Stone Seek the Heat Bodysuit

Lilac Stone Swiftly Tank (CAN)

Before Dawn Jacket

Camo Green Scuba

I got black Ready to Rulu pants today - did you get anything?


Jamiebetker said...

I thought for sure you’d love that purple court swiftly?! Or waiting for the breeze version?

I have the ready to rulus and wear them the whole time. I wonder what the “improved” version means.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me today - but is that a new print I see in the Vintage Mauve Highlines Pullover photo? (in the pants)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the upload! Nothing today, I am still waiting for a cosy wrap that I can wear to work.

LuluAddict said...

@jamie - they mixed it with black. I like the pure colors better, plus I am definitely a breeze fan so will wait for that. I got the purple court Rest Less Half Zip but I've bought so much I am going to return it. I like it but last winter was so warm I hardly wore any of my warmer tops and don't really need a third Rest Less top.

Dayna said...

the model in the photo of the persian red the rain is calling jacket is wearing pants in the flowerescent print...my wallet and i are waiting for more in that print, so nothing for me this week.

Anonymous said...

That jacket is so big, boxy and plain, Honestly, if I need a nice puffy jacket, i'll head to Patagonia or Mountain Hardwear for one instead and it won't make me look like the Michelin Man.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if the brushed version of the Speed Up Tights are meant for colder runs? If so what would be the coldest temp you recommend them for? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the print that HK got last week? in a number of styles. I see it used with the Chrome Before Dawn Jacket. Screen Camo Multi (blues and purples). Pattern shows best in HK's Speed Up Short.

Jamiebetker said...

Oh ok. Idk if that’s “improved” at all! Thank you for the clarification.

Only getting warmer the winters anymore. Even the summers at least here in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see/snag the fast n frees in new 28" length in the green camo? Not uploaded, in select stores that made no sense to me. But I scored a pair and feel super blessed. I was waiting for the F&F in camo.

Unknown said...

I was looking at the ready to rulu tights! There were a few negative reviews on the site...what do you think of them? Are they really see-thru? Are they really bad quality? I love the colors they are offering in them!

LuluAddict said...

@Sara - I tried on the black and thought they were kind of thin but the other colors seemed thick enough.

Unknown said...

Ok! So, I started a live chat with Lululemon because I had fears of whether or not I should buy them. The rep was super helpful and I took a screenshot of our exchange. Basically, she said that I should go ahead and buy them and if they are see-thru... They will take them back with a full refund. I've never done that before with a final sale. Fingers crossed!