Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Upload! Includes Special Edition Items for the Lululemon 20 Year Anniversary.

20 YR Lululemon Anniversary Manifesto Embossed Luxtreme WUPs in Black and Dark Red. I kind of like these but the price has been upped by $20 to $118.

20 Yr Anniversary Manifesto Embossed Energy Bras. The price on these is an outrageous $72. I used to really like embossed and manifesto items but I tend to not wear it that much in order to "save" it so I think I'll pass on it. 

20 Yr Collection Classic Cotton Fleece Scuba. This is the original heavyweight Scuba.

New Sculpt LS, shown in Aries and Smokey Blue. I am debating ordering these. This comes in size 14.

Incognito Camo Scuba. This also comes in 14. I am debating ordering this. I ordered this.

Aries and Cascade Blue Breeze By Squad LS. I've been dying for a light blue to come out in the Breeze tops but I prefer the regular Swiftlys rather than the Squad ones.

Black Satin and Twillines White Black Print nulu Hooded Define.

New Radiant Rhapsody Bra in Lavender Gray.

Fleece of Mine Jacket in Dark Olive and Black.

Incognito Camo Hotty Hot Short

Hit Reset Short

Path to Enlightenment Tank in Aries

Dusty Pink and Aries Swiftly tanks.

Incognito Camo On the Fly Pant

Never Still Pullover in Lunar Rock.

Crinkle Heather Brindle High Shine Foil Energy Bra

Swiftly Crew 20Y Collection - Black/Anchor.

Nothing for me today but I might pull the trigger later. I ended up ordering the camo Scuba. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

I was in the store today and picked up the red Manifesto Energy Bra without realizing the ridiculous price. I brought it home anyway but I have a feeling it will be going back. The Scubas were luxuriously thick and soft, but I am not a fan of wearing anyone's name in big bold letters and that includes Lululemon. The red was absolutely gorgeous, but oh well. Not into the price hikes for the special edition stuff that's not so special.

Also, I wanted to buy the Color Crush Multi Fast and Free crops, but I was disappointed that the colors were not actually as bright in person as they look online. It drives me nuts that Lulu releases things with colors that won't go with anything I own except black - even anything I've bought recently. I did buy the Bali Breeze Nulu online - love it - and also the CitraLime Rally Your Heart Tank, which I love. (Got it last week and have already worn it three times!)

Anonymous said...

Interesting...i thought the colour crush in fast and frees was more vivid than the speed shorts. The nulux fabric makes colours brighter. I did notice that the energy bra was also more vibrant than the speed shorts too. But sometimes online colours can be so different.

Unknown said...

I feel like I’m have been waiting years for a really nice red so I ordered the sweatshirt even with the name down the side. Wish they made a little logo on the front instead (like the beach volleyball ones for the Olympics years ago).

Anonymous said...

The Fleece of Mine Jacket looks like Darth Vader. Not a good look imho.

I got the Incognito Camo in the On the Fly Pant, Hotty Hot 4" and the Pace Rival Skirt tall. Not sure I'll keep all three. I have the aligns too. The print would have been nice in the Fast N Free Tight.

Unknown said...

Camo scuba!

CatepillarInTraining said...

I really love the red hoodie but am holding off on ordering it bc of the huge LULULEMON down the arm. I feel sort of dorky wearing that, but i might give in. I love a really warm scuba.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah that's gonna be a no from me dawg."