Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fall Drop: Rest Less Half Zips, Rulu Cypress Kiss LS, Camo Scuba Crew, and More

Ms. K. shared some photos of the newest arrivals at her store - new Restless Half Zips. I don't really need another Rest Less top but I really want that purple top.

Rulu Cypress Kiss LS.

Scuba Crew in Incognito Camo.

New Forget the Rest Bra in Cascade Blue and Smokey Blush. Top photos shows new Get Going Train Tights.

Heart's Compass Poncho

Free to Be Serene Bra in Cadet Blue/Iron Purple

Knot Gonna Fly Tee
Foil Print Headband


Kim said...

But still no Tuck and Flow ��

CatepillarInTraining said...

My store had a restless in Aries, I was thinking about it but my boyfriend distracted me to help him and I forgot it, kind wishing I had grabbed it now.
I would also be really interested in a scuba pullover in a solid grey or black.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, let's do Camo because we have no other ideas and it's all used up by the other brands! Sooo innovative and edgy!

Anonymous said...

I will be buying the Scuba Crew in camo this week. I love stretch french terry and I really like the pockets on this. Unless the rulu top comes in some other colours I won't buy it as I don't need more black or grey. I am so happy to see the colour cadet blue return and would love a rulu top in this colour.

Eric said...

Anyone else see that Lulu stock went up so much today!!! wow.. .can it keep soaring?