Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Flamenco Red Swiftly. This looks darker in real life. I'll post in-store photos in my next post. Super nice true red.

Lush Lillies Wunder Under Crop High Rise. I got these today at the store. The woman checking out ahead of me was getting them, too, to wear at a race this weekend. I see they come in Fast and Free Tights, too, so I ordered them.

Lush Lillies Fast and Free Tights. The website shows these come in a 14 so I ordered them in both 12 and 14. There are a number of styles now showing in 14. Does anyone know if this is a new thing? I know black Align and Wunder Under pants have been available in 14 on line for a few months now but this is the first I've noticed it expand to non-black and other styles.

Lush Lilles Energy Bra and Flamenco Red Energy Bra.

Lush Lilles Speed Up Crops and Train Times. The Train Times come in 14.

Very pretty Satin Black Aligns. It's really a very rich brown and not at all black. I have a photo of these next to black I'll post later. They come in a 14.

Nulu Hooded Define. I was so tempted to get this today in the store - super lightweight and soft. I might cave and get it later but I'm holding off for now. 

Dark Court Purple Ebb to Street Tank. I definitely need this color in my life. I saw it in an Energy in another photo so more Dark Court items are coming.

New tank - Rally Your Heart - in Enchanted Iris. Very cute tank and color.

Mesh Speed Up Tights in black and Savanah - love these.

Spectrum Nulux Wunder Unders. I'm not a fan of this print.

Slate/White Swiftly Breeze SS.

Open Up Tie Back Tee in Camo Green.

Exposure Multi Wunder Unders. Note the Dark Court Purple Energy Bra.

Very cute City Street Cardigan. It's a bit pricey for me, though.

Flip It and Reverse Jacket

Color Crush Multi Sculpt Tank

Color Crush Multi Baller Run Cap

Exposure Crystalline Hotty Hot Short

Dusty Pink Love Crew. I might need this. I am a huge Love Crew fan these days.

Yin Time LS

Light Strides Bra, made of Ultralu.

Dark Carbon and True Navy Fast and Free Tights.

Exposure Multi Free to Be Zen Bra.

Just the Lush Lillies Fast and Frees for from the upload - did you get anything today? There were lots of cute things imo.  

PS - I got my shipping notice and the size 14 Fast and Frees are real. It looks like you can get print/color 14s in a few pant styles - Align Pants, Fast and Free Tights, Wunder Under Pants, and Train Time Tights.

PPS - I went back and ordered the Black Satin Aligns. They kept showing up in my feed and I couldn't resist any longer.


Jamiebetker said...

What is the ultralu? Did you get to see it in store? What is your opinion? Thanks! Love every single post!!!

Anonymous said...

There are a few items in this week's upload that I think are pretty cute; I'm drawn to the more fall items as that colour palette is more flattering for me personally.
But something seems off to me about the styling lately, and this week in particular... I can't quite put my finger on it. Lulu has featured models with a range of body types but lately they are looking increasingly frail... I can't buy a medium support sports bra if it's featured on a 32A. Is there also more photoshopping? Is it the lighting? Or the stiff-looking ankle boots with the street to studio pants?

LuluAddict said...

@Jamie - it's the same material the Enlite Bras are made of. I'm not a huge fan of it but I know lots of people like the Enlite.

Anonymous said...

Another meh upload. I have gift cards to spend but haven't loved anything enough in a few weeks.

The spectrum print has a lot going on, but I'm kinda digging the side streaks. They might look nice on a black background.

Anonymous said...

Did you try on the hooded Define? I see it’s Nulux. I find the regular Define in a size 12 a bit too snug.

Anonymous said...

I really like the exposure multi print and the color crush...want both prints in fast & free pant. I got the color crush in the speed-up in the store today.

katertott said...

I love the black satin and moonphase colors, I tend to prefer more neutral colors and fall type colors so I really like these. The hooded define is really nice, I hope they release that black satin color in a define or the hooded define, it’s a color that would go with quite a bit. The cardigan is cute but seems overpriced at $148.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:22 pm - I did. The hooded Define is made of Nulu, so it's the same material in the Aligns. I really, really liked it - lightweight and super soft.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Street to Studio pants also come in size 14 nos.

Jamiebetker said...

Thank you so much for the reply. Sounds like it probably isn’t for me then as I’m not a huge fan of that bra lol. Love your posts! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.