Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Shorelines Multi Speed Up Crop

Shorelines Multi Fast and Free Crop

Shorelines Multi Run Times

Shorelines Multi Energy Bra

Shorelines Multi Speed Up

Shorelines Sculpt

Shorelines Multi Train Times

This print seems more saturated in person. I'll have real life photos in the next post.

Breeze By Jogger

Peek Energy Bra in Smoky Blush Moonphase

Incognito Camo Power Y

Breezy Singlet

New print - Lush Lillies.

Pacific Pointe Jacquard True Navy Onyx Blue

Wind Down Pant, made of modal. I might order these to try.

Slate Align

Bondi Blue Free To Be Bra

Fast Forward Cape in Vintage Mauve

Love Crew in Moonphase

Mauve Pack It Down Vest

Pack It Down Jacket in Sage and Chrome

Nothing for me yet - did you get anything this week?


Anonymous said...

I ordered a lot this upload. Pack It Down Jacket in Chrome, Pack It Down Vest in Chrome, Juniper Love Tank Pleated, Scuba Hoodie in light grey, Love Crew in Moonphase, Bondi Blue FTBB, Slate Align Pant, Lush Lillies Bikini set, Camo Power Y, Shorelines Multi Fast and Free Crop and a couple of white Cool Racerback II Nulu.

Rise and Shine said...

Ordered the Sage Pack It Down Jacket to try. The website colors are so unreliable, I tend not to order anything online anymore, but the jackets aren't in stores.

New Define in light, bright blue looks possible, but I'm really not a Define person, so we'll see. I wish they'd re-release the Forme, but I'm not holding my breath.

Unknown said...

Oh God, please stop with this hideous multi print. Isn't there one just like it on WMTM? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

anon@4:22pm...you crack me up. I need to wait for new credit card cycle Saturday to make my killing!

I like the Pack It Down Jacket in Chrome. The Wind Down pant is a must in the modal french terry! Not sure what color pants are featured with the Peek Energy Bra in Smoky Blush Moonphase...if it's a new color, I like it. Seems a bit darker than smoked mulberry. On the subject of the Peek Energy Bra, I have one from last year or year b4. I really like it. Not quite as constricting as Energy Bra. Will be getting the Shorelines Multi Speed Up 4".

I love the new color Pacific Breeze in the Fast & Frees. I'd like it in a short vs a pant. Also love whatever color tank is shown with it. Very pretty combo.

katertott said...

I really love the Pack it Down jacket and vest in the mauve color, I wouldn’t mind paying full price but will wait and see if they go down a bit since it’s still pretty warm outside. I’m excited for fall in general and kind of over the warm weather stuff.

Unrelated question but has anyone had luck with Lululemon pop backs? I saw the Scuba III come up in the heathered butter pink color on Thursday for $89 in WMTM and jumped on it, honestly I figured it was a glitch and wouldn’t ship but to my surprise it has. I’m hoping it was some old forgotten stock since I don’t know where else it would have been lurking for several years but fingers crossed it comes in good condition and is the right color.