Sunday, June 10, 2018

New Sage Breeze Swiftly SS Compared to Dark Olive and Brave Olive

lululemon Breeze-Swiftly-Sage-Dark-Olive-Brave-Olive
Indoors, with flash.

lululemon Breeze-Swiftly-Sage-Dark-Olive-Brave-Olive
Outside, in direct sunlight.
I am a big fan of the new Breeze Swiftlys and just bought a third short sleeve top in Sage (I also have it in black and Ruby Red). Here is Sage compared to the Dark Olive LS Breeze and a regular Swiftly SS in Brave Olive print. The saturated solid Swiftlys are super, super soft and just a pleasure to wear.

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Anonymous said...

did you size down the Breeze swiftly or stick with your reg /swiftly size? Loving the Sage color! I have a hoodie in this color from several years back, and it is so neutral I can wear it with everything--similar to a nice grey!