Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Zen Garden Multi Tech Mesh Wunder Unders

Zen Garden Multi WUPs. Can't say I like this print at all. Maybe it's better in person.

Zen Garden Multi Time to Sweat and Wunder Under Half Tights

Zen Garden Multi Hotty Hot Short and Run Times

Fuschia Pink/Zen Garden Multi Speed Up Shorts

Ruby Wine Define

Ruby Red Stash N Run Tank

Ruby Red Choose a Side Short

Ruby Red Harbor Tote

Free to Be Moved Bra

Carry Onward Rucksack. I like this.

Monochromatic Fast and Free Tights

Glossy Essential Tank

Glossy Swiftly SS

Ruby Wine Get Going Dress

Infinity Speed Up Short

Sage Lean In Tank

White All the Right Places Crop

This upload did not appeal to me at all. I'd love a Free to Be Serene Bra in Glossy or Fuschia but so far they seem to be releasing near-dupes of older colors in that bra. Nothing for me this, did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

agree w/ LLA...no appeal to me at all. I really don't like that print.

Anonymous said...

nah, disappointed this week. The prints are not so cute. Would love to see something like the Jungle print that came in 2014-ish or a nice plaid in shorts!

Sam said...

The print is hideous and will definitely be coming to WMTM, so if you like it, wait for 3 weeks.

I really like ruby wine and I wonder how close in color it is to bumble berry or berry rumble (those were nearly identical).

The Get Going Dress is cute, and especially made with Nulu. I'll have to find a store soon to give it a try.

Lastly, the really need to get rid of the Speed Up short and bring back the Speed shorts. I haven't bought a single Speed Up but have 40+ pairs of Speeds in my closet. The new style just highlights the outer thigh, usually a spot most women don't want to highlight.

CYMK said...

Love the print! First one in a long time. Also I haven’t noticed the difference between speed up and old speeds except pockets got bigger. I haven’t used any of my old speeds because my new phone can’t fit in the back pockets. :(

Anonymous said...

@ Sam

I agree on the Speeds/Speed Ups. I have well over 60 pairs of speed shorts. I tried on the Speed Ups and they are horrible. Literally a slip away from indecent exposure (my store can't sell them. No one likes they said). Cuts in way too high now and they rode up something awful just walking around the store. They are awful! I might give the Speed Up Longs a shot. I tried them once but they were super baggy but that could have been that print as we all know how consistent these things are. Lol!