Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The sought-after Washed Luna overdyed Wunder Under Tights and crops uploaded today. I saw them in the store (and will post photos in my next post today). They're luxtreme and super soft. The price is $118 for the tights but the regular $88 for the crops. Since crops are my preferred pant I got the crops. I'm sure they'll show sweat so be warned.

Very pretty Ruby Red relaxed fit Swiftly Breeze SS. I ordered this, too.

The Eternal Wave Starlight/Black Fast and Free crops uploaded today. I like this print but want the tight version. The crops roll on me on one leg, for some reason.

Fuschia Pink (original) Cool Racerback (on line only item)

Fuschia Pink and Teal Run Off Route Tank

Rejuvenate Dress in Ruby Red and Black

Miami Pink Swiftly Tank

Ombre Fuschia Wunder Unders

New striped Hero Blue Love Crew

Finally! A non-black/white/gray/navy jacket! Petals Pack Light Half Zip.

Ruby Red Aligns

Ruby Red Stash N Run Tank

Ruby Red Trackers

To the Point Tank

Eternal Wave and Ruby Wine Stash N Run Bras

Ruby Red Pushing Limits Bra

Pacific Teal In Movement Crop

Pacific Teal Luxtreme Wunder Under Crop

Monochromatic White Define

Pacific Teal In Movement Short

Cloud Crush Jacket in Highlander

I am loving all the color that is creeping back into the brand. I got the Luna crops and Ruby Red Swiftly SS today - did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Love those on clouds that the models are wearing. Far superior to apl. Maybe they are going to collaborate. Hope they dont ruin a great shoe. I love the colours ...the pink ombre tights are calling my name.

Anonymous said...

Got the same thing - Luna crop and red ruby SS 😍

CatepillarInTraining said...

Contemplating the pack light half zip in petals PRETTY HARD right now. I need another jacket like an actual hole in the head but it's REALLY PRETTY

Anonymous said...

What ‘s that pouch in the back of the Rejuvenate dress? To keep your joey in there? Very odd looking design.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:58 pm - lol, I know! It seems like the kind of design you'd come up with if you had zero training in dress making and were just trying to use up old scraps. I'm certain the dresses I made for my Barbies out of my mom's scrap material had a better shape than the Rejuvenate. :P

Anonymous said...

What style is the white bra shown with the Luna crops? Front of it looks like the Deep Stretch Bra but the back looks different... I love it.

Anonymous said...

@LuluAddict - I haven't been to your cite in ages (only bc I haven't been buying lulu), but as soon as I saw the rear pocket? pouch? on that dress I immediately thought of you! Fail.