Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Vintage Rose nulu The Ease Jacket.

It also comes in an embossed print - Monchromatic Black Emboss.

Monochromatic Black Emboss Aligns

Glossy Dash and Splash Cap

Pleated Love Tank in Glossy

New colors in the Define - Sage and Berry Mist.

The new Tech Mesh WUPs were uploaded in white, Sage, and black.

Nulu CRB in Vintage Rose.

Vintage Rose Aligns

Vintage Rose In Movement Crops

Vintage Rose luxtreme Wunder Under Crops

Vintage Rose On The Fly Short

Vintage Rose Tracker Shorts

Sage Free to Be Serene Bra. I'm debating getting this.

Back Into It LS in Petals pink.

Modern Stripe Love Tank

Ahead By Miles SS in Petals. This looks like the material from last year that snagged if you just looked at it.

Berry Mist Hotty Hot Short

Berry Mist Run Times

Brunswick Muscle Tank

Cherry Blossom Run Baller Hat

Monochromatic White/Monochromatic Black Hotty Hot Short

Fuschia Pink Play Off the Pleats Skirt

Easy Bodysuit in embossed Monochromatic print

Sage Full Freedom LS

Nulux WUPs in Gravity

Hatha Wrap

A number of CRB1 colors were uploaded. This is Jaded.

Find Your Flock Jacket in Julep

Rejuvenate Wrap, with a preview of a new acid wash-type print bottom.

Nice and Natural Popover, shown with a new color WUCs.

Love Crew

Fuschia Everywhere Kit

Sun Dazed print Festival Bag.

Swell Seeker Paddle Suit

Swell Seeker Paddle Top

Coastline Top

Aquamarine Deep Sea Top

Wandered One Piece

Tons of new stuff today. I ordered the Sage Free to Be Serene bra - did you get anything?


corriec said...

I really wanna see those pants that are shown with the Ease Jacket in vintage pink (the wunder understand in luxtreme I'm guessing in that lovely bright Japanese style print ahhhh!!!)

LZ said...

Interested in the ATRP pant in white but not sure I can keep them clean.

Anonymous said...

What an awful upload. If it's not cropped to be way too short, it's shapeless and boxy. That wrap is hideous. Those floral pants are hideous. Did I get anything? I haven't bought more than 1 or 2 pieces in the last couple years. Lol! Not that it's all been bad but I don't wear high rise anything so that leaves out pretty much any new wup. Anything nulux that's not F&F slides like crazy. Never been a fan of aligns, so I was what used to be their base customer that bought multiples of several items every month, I was "deleted" long ago when they stopped making their technical, high quality basics.

Anonymous said...

I am loving all the different pinks--want wait to see them in person! I wish they would come out with swim shorts.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:57: you are ME! i used to spent a ton each month on lulu! Now I've bought maybe 2 energy bras in the last 2 years, when they hit the WMTM. Nothing is the same over there anymore. I still hold out hope that they will come out with a good outerwear jacket one of these days. Otherwise, I'd unsubscribe from their mailing lists!

Lexy said...

What are the green leggings paired with modern love tank?

LuluAddict said...

@Lexy - I was going to say Sage WUPS but the color doesn't look quite right and there aren't any Sage WUPS out yet. Maybe Barracks Green WUPS.

Anonymous said...

I"m loving the fit of the Brunswick tank in one size down. Buying all the colors except the lighter colors. Very flattering!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:51 pm - I have to try that one on!