Tuesday, May 22, 2018

UK and HK Spoilers

Eternal Wave Starlight Black Fast And Free Tights. I'm waiting for these to hit North America.

Eternal Wave Starlight Black Energy Bra

Eternal Wave Starlight Black Wunder Under Pants

Eternal Wave Starlight Black Train Times 

Eternal Wave Starlight Black Speed Up Shorts

Blue Glow On Pace LS - love the combo with the Eternal Wave print.

White version of the Eternal Wave print. Shown in Speed Up Tights.
Wee Space Black Slate Wunder Under Crops. If these are super soft luon I might need these.

Weekend LS. I'm not sure if these are old stock or new.

Blue Glow Play Off the Pleats Skirt.

Cherry Dust Love Crew

Glossy On Pace Nulux Tight

Scuba Pullover. Looks like a new print in the crops.

Everywhere Weekender

Vintage Quartz (HK) Next Move Jacket

The UK got a much better upload than we did. I'm looking forward to use getting this stuff next week.


Mary in Boston said...

Do you know what crops those are in the picture with the weekender bag? Thanks!

Amy said...

I suspect that these Weekend LS are new. The old version has thumb cuffs. The UK site does not have any thumb cuffs pictured (also I don't recall a these colorways from the original run).