Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The Hot Spell Bra is back. Shown in Pearl Pink.

All You Do Bra in Julep.

New Define in Dark Canyon.

White Speed Up and Train Times Tights

Cotton knit Still Movement Wrap. I really like this except for the dump split up the back.

Still Movement Sweater. I like this a lot.

Love Tank in Space Dye

Love Tee in Glossy. 

Love Crew in Figue

New Gather Up Jacket in Dusty Dawn

Berry Mist Swiftly Tank

Fuchsia Pink/Black Swiftly Tank

Blue Glow Swiftly LS

Lulu Red/Black Swiftly LS

Dark Forest Swiftly

Day Tripper Dress in Quicksand

Barracks Green Sweat Times Short Sleeve

Blossom Spritz Uplifting Scrunchie

Break Free Tank in Dragonfly

Brilliant Blue Wunder Under Pant

Choose a Side Short in Onyx Blue/Dark Canyon Efflorescent. This version of the print is hideous.

Dark Adobe Sculpt Tank

Dark Canyon Run Times

Dark Canyon Hotty Hot Short

Sunset Speed Up Short

Black/Barracks Green Efflorescent Speed Up Short

Vermillion Speed Up Short

Tidal Multi Train Times

Nulu Rejuvenate Bra

Pace Rival in Dark Canyon/Onyx Efflorescent print.

Efflorescent Barracks Green Aligns and CRB

Efflorescent Dark Canyon/Onyx Wunder Under.

Everlux In Movement Tight in Barracks Green Efflorescent

Nulux Final Lap Crop in Evergreen

Nulux Memoir Multi Chasing Miles Tight. I ordered these.

Nice and Natural Popover

Nulu All You Do Crop and Tights

All the Right Places Crop in Sage

Reveal Tight Lattice Paisley

Hit the Street Crew in Petal

Some cute items today. I got the Chasing Miles Tight but I might go back and get the Glossy Love Crew. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Agreed about the coral/blue print. If you go back to the store & have time, can you snag a picture of the glossy love crew and an image of the dark canyon color? I think I like the colors, but lulu has done me wrong so many times & I don't have a store nearby...

Unknown said...

so over that efflorescent print already!! I love the nebula version & that's it.

I'm pretty disappointed that the hanakotoba starlight print wasn't made in speed/run times or hotty hot shorts! I really love the print.

there's so much green right now.

LuluAddict said...

@ toni - I know! I don't think it deserves three colorways. Maybe there is more hanakotoba starlight pieces coming. I'm hoping there are fast and free tights.

@ anon 4:42 pm - will do!

Megan said...

If you view the photo of the Free To Be Wild Bra in the Teal Shadow color - the leggings that model is wearing!?! I am waiting for those to be released!!!! I haven’t seen that green/blue shade yet and am hopeful those are the Align’s she is wearing!!? It is very close to the Mystic green but lighter and more on the blue side, lighter and more green than Persian Blue, and also more blue than Celadon. AHHH!!! If I am wrong and these have already been released please let me know!

Anonymous said...

OMG - I hope there will be more prints in the blossom spritz such as: Scuba or Define :)

LuluAddict said...

I would think we'll see more of Blossom Spritz.

@Megan - I think they're Mystic Green WUCs or a new color we haven't seen yet.

Lulu fan said...

Yes they have already been released in aligns

LZ said...

I’m interested in the WAFS tech mesh peeped in the Still Movement Wrap photo!

Unknown said...

Do you happen to have a comparison of the dark canyon vs. Persian red? They look almost the same on the site.

Also- Hoping the see more of the Blossom Spritz print!

LuluAddict said...

@Draia - I don't but I'll try to get one next time I go to the store.