Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Hanakotoba Starlight Speed Up Tights, Wunder Under Half Tights, and Fast and Free crops. I ordered the Fast and Free crops but I'm hoping F&F Tights will show up eventually.

Groove Crops are back.

Cool Racerback in Julep

Love Tank in Crest

Love Tee in Moody Blues

Define in Dusty Dawn

Monochromatic Black Nulu Flow Y

Onyx Luxtreme Half Tight Wunder Unders

Smoked Mulberry Tried and True Tee

Sage Tech Mesh Wunder Unders

Pinpoint Ready to Run Jacket

Per-fect Your Pace Tight

Just the Fast and Free Crops for me - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Just the Love Tank in Crest for me.

Anonymous said...

groove crops are old lady workout pants. they weren't good the first time around...

Catherine said...

That Dusky Dawn define!!!!

Anonymous said...

they are still doing mesh?


Rise and Shine said...

Really hating this Spring's offerings. I'm somewhat grateful, as I've been trying to cut back on spending lately, but these uploads are a bit depressing.

LLA, any rumors on what's going on with the design team? Are they looking for a new overall designer, or just relying on the ones they already have? I thought I heard that the designers behind Ivivva were going to step in, but none of this looks like their style. This is all really generic, and mostly quite ugly.