Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tied and True Tank, Twist It Tank, Vortex Tight, Deep Inhale Jacket, Breezy Dot Tights, and More

Tied and True Tank, Jasmine White Multi Free To Be Wild Bra, and Speed Up Tights

Tied and True Tank, Free to Be Wild Bra, Hanakotoba Starlight Multi Wunder Unders.

Fast As Light Tank, Manzanite Deep Inhale Jacket, and Red Orange Fast and Free Tights

Reveal Vortex Tight, Twist It Tank, and Free To Be Serene Bra

Goal Crusher Jacket and Speed Up Tights

Slide With Me Bra and Twist It Tank

T-back Swiftly Tank and Train Times Tight

Deep Inhale Jacket and Breezy Dot Tights

Jasmine White Multi Just Pleat It SS and Onyx Breezy Dot Tights

Cinch It Dress

Just Pleat It Tank and Pixel Haze Multi Fast and Free Tights

Figue Love Tee and On the Fly Pant

Light Coral Fast As Light Tank and Train Time Tights

 Free Spirit Tank and Blissed Out Culottes


Ciambella said...

I thought I was hallucinating those red orange tights! I glimpsed them in the window of a LLL about 2/3 through a half earlier this month and it was the only thing that kept me going--pockets plus my favorite color. But I haven't seen it on the website at all! I'm thrilled that it turns out they're fast & frees but I'm bummed I can't find them and haven't seen them anywhere else outside of this post and that one glimpse in the window. Did I miss out? Do you know if it ever got released online?

LuluAddict said...

@Ciambella - They were uploaded somewhere since I got the photo off my computer. I'm trying to dig up what country it was.

LuluAddict said...

@Ciambella - they were in the April 3 US/CAN upload. I doubt they sold out that quick but you never know.

Anonymous said...

The red orange fast and frees were off the site the day after upload. Weird. I was wondering if maybe it was a quality or sheerness issue? I think my local store still has them, Charlottesville VA.

Ciambella said...

Thank you so much for your research! I should have gone back to the store--I've just been stalking the website! I must have missed out, but I'm surprised they would sell out all quickly. Although I guess people are craving bright colors with the change in seasons. I'll be stalking resale sites now. ��