Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In-Store Photos: Time to Sweat Tank, Time Out Hoodie, Real Quick Short, Breezy Dot Tights, and More

Ms. K. was kind enough to provide us with photos (thank you!!) of the new items in her store - the Time to Sweat Tank.

Time Out Hoodie

Real Quick Short

Breezy Dot Tights

Frilled Fast As Light Tank

Just Pleat It SS

Can You Feel the Pleat Crops

Blow Glow T-back Swiftly Tank


Anonymous said...

I’ve noticed there have been much fewer of your longer write up posts recently like favourite outfits, pieces, seawheeze race review or yearly wrap up... and just less commentary in general. Any plans to go back to that or have your interests just changed? I love your blog, but miss those sorts of posts.

LuluAddict said...

I haven't been buying that much lulu lately, so that's a large part of the drop off - the last new item I bought, besides yesterday's purchase, was the Pearl Pink Free to Be Serene bra a month ago. The other issue is I mostly buy different colors or prints in the same few things - Free to Be Serene or Energy Bra, Fast and Free Tights/Crops, Aligns, Breeze Swiftly tops, Love Tanks/Tees - so it's hard to go in depth about the same things over and over. I hate to say it but I've become a reformed shopaholic :/ .

Anonymous said...

@luluaddict I think a lot of people are beginning to slow down with shopping.
I have as well in the last year. I still like coming here to see what you are up to.