Monday, March 19, 2018

What's in the Stores - Tulle, Kascade, Fractal, Shibori Prints and More

lululemon st-martins-tulle energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
The St. Martins collab prints - Tulle Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tight.

lululemon st-martins-kascade energy-bra-wunder-under-tight

lululemon st-martins-kascade energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
Kascade Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tight

lululemon st-martins-quartize energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
Quartize Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tight

lululemon st-martins-fractal-speed energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
On the left, Fractal Nulux Energy Bra and Fractal Speed Nulux Wunder Unders.

lululemon vert-shibori
Vert Shibori Wunder Unders

lululemon it's-a-tie-ls on-the-fly-short tonic-sea
I think this is the Sea Breeze It's A Tie LS, shown with On the Fly Shorts.

lululemon tonic-sea wild-twist-ls stress-less-jogger

lululemon tonic-sea wild-twist-ls stress-less-jogger
Tonic Sea Wild Twist LS and Nimbus Stress Less Joggers

lululemon poolside-swiftly train-times

lululemon poolside-swiftly train-times
Poolside/Back Swiftly Tank and Wee Space Train Times

lululemon wild-twist-ls
Wild Twist LS, Free to Be Serene Bra, and Time to Sweat Crops

lululemon so-merlot-align swiftly-hooded

lululemon so-merlot-align swiftly-hooded
So Merlot Train Times and Nebula Hooded Zipper Swiftly LS

lululemon back-into-it-ls rejuvenate-scarf
 Back Into It LS and Rejuvenate Scarf

lululemon dragonfly-ss
 Dragonfly Swiftly SS

lululemon pearl-pink-free-to-be-serene-tank so-merlot-align
Pearl Pink Free to Be Serene Tank and So Merlot Aligns

lululemon take-it-easy-pant free-to-be-moved-bra
Take It Easy Pant and Free to Be Moved Bra


Anonymous said...

my poor credit card.... so many beautiful items

Anonymous said...

I thought that Kascade print was from the Ivivva kids line. It all looks pretty juvenile IMO. Something 14 year olds would wear. Those Take It Easy Pants are awful.

LuluAddict said...

I agree, the Kascade looks like it belongs in ivivva. The only one I mildly like is the Tulle one but it's still too bright for me in the leggings. I wouldn't mind the Tulle bra.