Tuesday, February 27, 2018


New Fast and Free Tights in Carmintrue Red and Linear Flux Battleship. I might need the red ones.

Move With Ease Jacket in Dusty Dawn and Mystic Green.

Wild Twist Bra (Dusty Dawn is only in CAN right now)

Two tone WUPs in Linear Flux Battleship and Chirasu print.

Dark Olive Tech Mesh 

Deep Phantom Align Pant

Tonic Sea Free to Be Serene Bra

Wunder Under Pleat in Teal Shadow

Power Y in Sequoia Camo

Reveal Tight Vortex

Chasing Miles Tights

Feeling Balanced Sweater

Linear Flux Battleship Wunder Unders and Speed Up Tights

Free to Be Moved Bra in Quicksand

Hatha Wrap

Pace Rival Skirt Moroccan Blue

Squad Baller Hat in Dusty Dawn

Knot Gonna Fly Tee in Graphite Green

Bleached Starlight Festival Bag

Back and Forth Tank

I'm leaning towards ordering the red Fast and Free Tights - did you get anything today?



Anon. said...

So happy to see the festival bag in a printed colour again! I ordered it right away :)

Unknown said...

you forgot to add in the back & forth tank!

LuluAddict said...

@ toni - thanks! Fixed it. :D

Anonymous said...

The new (ugly) Women’s Day t-shirt that has an astronomical price tag - is Lulu planning to donate the proceeds to a cause? Like maybe WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) in Vancouver? Or just use a cause to line corporate pockets? I love my Lulu clothes but if they are pretending to support women’s issues by selling that t-shirt, that’s disgusting

Anonymous said...

The linear flux battleship WU's are SUPER sheer... like almost nylon sheer :( I've never tried on any tights of any brand that sheer. I was disappointed because I loved the print and color. The OTF pant were fine in the same material, but they were not slimming enough for me due to the print.

Molly S. said...

I got the dusty rose scuba and the color is really pretty in person! It is a nice cool tone which I appreciate since many similar shades are more on the warm side and wash me out. Also, the red floral print fast and frees are AMAZING and I am so glad I took the chance on them. They passed the squat test and weren't sheer when I bent my knees. The fabric does feel different, less slippery feeling than other Nulux, but I'm not complaining!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:51 am - I know! The text on the website says "In honour of International Women’s Day, 100% of profits from these tees will be donated to organizations that support the empowerment of women." so supposedly the money is going to good, if unnamed, causes.