Tuesday, February 13, 2018


New print - Carminetrue Red Black in Sweat Times Bra, Wunder Under Crops and Tights, and Train Times Fast Pace Pant. The bra looks interesting but I want to try it on in the store first.

The Stride Jacket is back! I ordered a black one.

Sweat Times Bra in Spirit Green/Eucalyptus

New Stash and Run Bra. I ordered this in black to try.

New print - Kitakami Viridian Green. Shown in Wunder Unders and Fast and Free Tights.

 New Breeze Swiftly LS color - Persian Blue. Love these tops.

Pack and Glyde Jacket

Baller Hat in the Hinshu print.

Chirasu print Aligns.

Eucalyptus Sculpt and Speed Up Shorts.

Spirit Green Train Times

Spring Bloom Scuba

Water Bound Hoodie

Ready to Run Tight Pinpoint

Into the Sun Tee Pixel Haze Multi

Eucalyptus Swiftly SS

Kind of a pricey week for me - the Black Stride and the new Stash and Run Bra. Did you get anything this week?


Anonymous said...

I have never been so disappointed by an upload before today. And the models are increasingly posed in ways that look so uncomfortable that I feel awkward before I even notice the clothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that the Persian Red crops in the energy bra picture didn't show up! I did however order the spirit green train times. Love the train times and green is my favorite color (after red -- which is why I'm dying for the Persian red crops!). Lulu never seems to do either. The Carminetrue is fugly but I'm interested in the Ready Run pinpoint tights.

Anonymous said...

Glad my wallet is safe from all of this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah complete fug! Red print looks cheap, like straight from JCPenney , Stride jacket doesn’t do anything to me , just seems like 100 years old style wise. Healthy break for my bank account

RS said...

I don’t usually like florals but I have picked up a few lately that turned out nice and easy to math with other colors. I am going to try out the special edition train times to see if the color blocking is too much. I love the red color and I hope we get more of this color in solids.

Anonymous said...

Just the cool breeze l/s swiftly for me today. Still waiting for the Hinshu print in Fast n Frees. If the baller cap is here, surely the Fast n Free's can't be far behind, or could they?

Nothing else really appealed...which is a good thing for my wallet.

Rise and Shine said...

Into the Sun Pixel Haze Multi for me. I'll be watching for the Water Bound Hoodie in more colors. I have a light pink one from years ago that needs to be replaced because I've worn it so much.

Tempted by the Stride jacket, but I just bought a black jacket and gray is not for me.

Generally, I think this is a much better upload than what we were seeing a year ago. Classics are returning, and some really good colors. Between this week's reds and greens, and the recent spate of cool pastels, there's something for nearly everyone. Remember last year, when literally every garment came in black, gray, and - if we were lucky - white? True, it's not the Lulu of old, but at least they've turned the ship around.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much over Lululemon at this point. Everything is so generic. Happy to be spending my money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

oh look, lululemon finally found the formula for a true red. too bad it comes in a print.

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the Sweat Times Bra in Spirit Green/Eucalyptus - both greens are gorgeous - but I'm so not a fan of color blocking. I wish they'd used one or the other. I'd also have been all over that Spring Bloom scuba light but the reviews were so awful didn't want to take the chance.

hmdowd said...

Can anyone comment on the fit of the Stride Jacket? Is this similar to Define sizing? meaning I need to size up? or can I go with my normal size on this? By the time I wait for reviews online, it will be sold out I'm sure. Especially in black. I'm also interesting in the sizing of Pack and Glyde jacket as well. Would be perfect for Norway, keeping it packed in my purse for unexpected rain and wind days, this happens a lot. Thanks! -Heidi

Anonymous said...

Lulu Addict, would you mind reviewing the Stash and Run bra once you try it on. I am looking for a Strap It Like It's Hot equivalent but find Lulu hasn't come out with anything supportive or with enough coverage. Tell me how it compares! Thanks for all you do!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:15 am - Sure thing. I have a few Strap It Like It's Hot bras. I doubt it will be as supportive as that one, though. It reminds me a lot of the Rack Pack Bra, which I also really like. If you are looking for a bra close to support as the Strap It the Run for Days bra is pretty good. It's a lot lower cut than the SILIH.

Run for Days photo/review: http://www.luluaddict.com/2015/04/run-for-days-bra-compared-to-energy-bra.html

Anonymous said...

I got the Pack and Glyde Jacket in that pretty blue and I love it! It packs so nice into the cutest travel pillow. It seems to run TTS.

Unknown said...

I for one LOVE the Carminetrue print! It’s not as vibrant in person as it is online. The red still pops but the floral is much more muted/intricate. It sort of blends together instead of the high contrast of the stock photos. I ordered the WU crops and bra; then managed to snag the last pair of the Train Times at my local store. So far I don’t understand why so many of the latest reviews are so negative. Nothing has an extreme amount of pilling (none at all yet) nothing is translucent, seams are all holding up and so far my first round of new Lulu in a long time is living up to my staples from
2011-12. I guess we’ll see if they stand the test of time!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous insiders finally talk. Toxic, extremely unprofessional work environment. Juicy details including why Holman left (also in a relationship), LP partying lifestyle & favoritism. And the changes to the website much hated by customers? Now you know.


Anonymous said...

I got the black Stride jacket in a size down. I could have stuck with my normal size 10, but preferred the more fitted look of the size down.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:50 am - I read that! Super juicy and confirms what many of us sensed from all the non-functioanl mesh crap being put out - total boys club going on.