Monday, February 26, 2018

Australia and Hong Kong Spoilers

lululemon hooded-swiftly-ls nebula

lululemon hooded-swiftly-ls nebula
Hooded Swiftly in Nebula. I wish they'd bring back zipper Swiftlys.

lululemon shibori-energy-bra mystic-green
Shibori in Mystic Green and Evergreen.

lululemon teal-shadow align
Teal Shadow Aligns

lululemon mix-and-mesh-crop
Mix and Mesh Crop in Teal Shadow, Spirit Green, and Eucalyptus

lululemon ripple-effect-tank

lululemon ripple-effect-tank
Ripple Effect Tank in Tonic Sea

lululemon wild-twist-ls
Wild Twist LS in Tonic Sea

lululemon hatha-wrap
Hatha Wrap

lululemon cool-and-collected-short

lululemon cool-and-collected-short
Cool and Collected Short

lululemon cool-and-collected-jogger
Cool and Collected Jogger

lululemon define-chirasu
Define in Chirasu

lululemon it's-a-tie-tank
It's a Tie Tank in Graphite Green

lululemon baller-cap

lululemon baller-cap
New version of the Baller Cap.


Anonymous said...

My wallet is safe...i needed a break

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd bring back swiftly 1/2 zips too. And not the wool ones. I'm allergic to wool so that's a no-go. Running with a hood on a shirt like that is not very comfortable for me. If I need a hood, I use my lightweight rain shell. That nebula print looks like someone had a run in with bleach IMO.

I hate anything with wording on it. I'm not gonna be a walking billboard for any company.

The ripple effect tank looked cute and promising at first until I noticed the bottom part on the gathered side sticks out funny. That alone will make me skip it.

Laura said...

The 1/2 zip swiftlys would be great in the breeze form too. I liked the 1/2 zip, but it was a little cumbersome to layer. I bet with a looser swiftly, it would be awesome.