Tuesday, January 30, 2018


New print called Spring Bloom Multi. Shown in the Free to Be Serene Bra, Wunder Under Pant, Wunder Under Crop, Speed Up Tight, Speed Up Crop, Run Times Shorts, Pace Rival Skirt, Sculpt Tank, and Run All Day BackPack. I hope Fast and Free Tights are coming in this print.

Perisan Red Braided Energy Bra. I tried this on today and really liked it. 

New Swiftly Breeze color, Sea Breeze, and others have been restocked.

Merino Blissful Zen Sweater in So Merlot and Midnight Navy. I tried this on today, the side slits go all the way to the armpit.

Crepe Energy Bra

Flow Y Bras are now coming in Nulu. Shown in Dusty Dawn.

Play Off the Pleats Tight, shown in Teal Shadow.

Bring It Backbend Sweater in Redwood

Redwood In Movement Tight

Special Edition Define, shown in Teal Shadow. I like the new collar.

Speed Up Tight in Translucence White Multi

Cool Breeze Essential Tank

Persian Blue Hooded Breeze By Tank Squad

So Merlot Wunder Unders

You Hold the Key Chain

Forward Flow Cape in Mink Berry

Bleached Starlight All Your Small Things Pouch

I might order a Breeze Swiftly LS and the new keychain. Did you get anything today?


Anon. said...

I'm crossing my fingers for a Festival Bag in that Bleached Starlight print

Jamiebetker said...
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Jamiebetker said...

Do you know what they’re replacing pace rival crops with? They’re all I run in! And if they are doing away with them, do you have any suggestions on what I should switch to? I’ve tried all the right places but didn’t like the material or cut. I love the aligns but think they’re not durable enough?

Anonymous said...

I’m not buying anything from this download, but I love the Persian Red and hope that it will be offered in the Fast and Free Tight (or Crop). The photo of the bra looks like it’s paired with that, so fingers crossed.
Not so sure about the tight with the pleats on the calf. I’m not sure that there are a lot of woman who want pleats on their tights.
Also, what’s up with all of the slits on the tops?! (Zen sweater and Backbend sweater). Those are a definite pass for me.
But I am glad to see some more color options. ��

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the Pace Rival skirt back! The skirts since that one have been horribly ugly and not very technical nor made for running like these were. Now if they could just bring back speeds. The Speed Ups are horrible!

Anonymous said...

I love the Circuit Breaker Skirt. Will be super bummed if it is discontinued without a plain front (vs stitched horizontal panels) replacement. I like the Pace Rival, but prefer the Circuit Breaker given the choice.

Anonymous said...

Is it worth buying it? I’ve been looking up reviews and some say they’re not. Would really love to hear your opinion about it. I just bought my first pair of Lululemon leggings, they are amazing but pretty pricey :/

Anonymous said...

@Jamie Betker -

Pace Rival crops are still available online. Not sure if they aren't making them anymore but you still the ability to "stock up" if you like them.

Aligns are not running pants just fyi. For yoga only, they aren't made to run in. Try the Fast and Free tight (nulux), Tight Stuff Tight (yes, they are TIGHT, supposed to be), Speed Up crop or tight.

Jamiebetker said...


Yes I have bought many in the basic black color schemes online to stock up. Was just hoping they'd be included in some of these new patterns and colors, and it seems like they aren't (which has always seemed in the past like that was what they did when they are discontinuing).

Very true. I only wear my aligns as leisure wear... do love how they fit though. Which would you say of the Fast&Free, Tight Stuff, and Speed Up is closest fit to the align or pace rival?

Thank you so much for your help!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:30am

I like the Fast & Free. Speed Up will be the closest but I didn't like them. They messed with the Run: Speed line and the shorts, crops and tights don't fit the same anymore so I don't like them. Tight Stuff Tight is just that. TIGHT. Like super heavy compression tight kind of tight, meant for running and I like them but have issues with seams coming undone on them. If you get them do NOT size up in them as they are meant to be tight-tight (think 2xU type of compression). Great for long mileage though.

Don't own aligns, never tried on. Don't care to own a pair or try on a pair. I don't wear my athletic wear casually, only for working out so can't attest to what fits closest to aligns.