Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Run All Day Backpack, Laced With Intent Bra, Push Your Pace Jacket, and More

Ms. K. was kind enough to provide photos of new items from her store today - the new print Run All Day backpack. She didn't see any other bags in the print.

New Free to Be Serene bra color.

New Laced With Intent bra in Misty Moon.

Push Your Pace Jacket

Loop Back Crew Expression

Rain On Train On Tight

City Trek (I think) Jacket


Unknown said...

The Lace with Intent bra looks like something cheap you could buy at Victoria's Secret. Yuck.
Is it me or do all these prints the past few months all look the same? Yawn.

CatepillarInTraining said...

The inconsistent branding seems so sloppy. Using different fonts, different placement of the "Lululemon" on the shirts, it's all just adding up to look like a lot of cheap knock offs.

Anonymous said...

I miss the front pocket of the original Run All Day Backpack. That is all....