Sunday, January 7, 2018

Australia and UK Spoilers

lululemon 105F-heathered-cosmos

lululemon meant-to-move-ss-heathered-cosmos
Heathered Cosmos 105F Singlet and Meant to Move Tee. Some of these new 105F colors are nice. I'm going to have to give them another look.

lululemon terrace-land gait-keeper-78

lululemon terrace-land gait-keeper-78

lululemon terrace-land gait-keeper-78

Terrace Land Gait Keeper 7/8 Tight

lululemon terrace-land speed-up

lululemon terrace-land speed-up
Terrace Land Speed Up Crop and Tight

lululemon terrace-land wunder-under

lululemon terrace-land wunder-under
Terrace Land Wunder Under Tight and Crop

lululemon terrace-land hotty-hot
Crystalline Multi Hotty Hot Short

lululemon fast-as-light-crop
Boysenberry Fast As Light Crop

lululemon lilac-quartz-swiftly

lululemon lilac-quartz-swiftly
Lilac Quartz Swiftly Tank and SS

lululemon lilac-quartz-speed-up-short
Lilac Quartz Speed Up Short

lululemon night-view fast-and-free-crop
Nightview print Fast and Free Crops

lululemon strive-multi speed-up-crop
Australia has the Strive Multi print back, this time in Speed Up Crops and other items.


Anonymous said...

I really like Cosmos in the tee form. It's very pretty. I wonder how it complares with aero blue? I'd be tempted by the 105 as well. I just don't reach for those as much.

I saw the translucence print in store today and I was surprised by how cute it was in person. I don't think the pics on the website do it justice. The only reason I didn't snap it up was I bought the peony print on MD recently and they are kind of in the same vein. I tend to buy the same things over and over, and I'm trying to diversify.

Amy said...

Ohhh please come out with a Free to be Serene bra in the Strive Multi print!!!

Andreea said...

Does it seem like the Terrace Land and Crystalline multi are the same print? Weird that they have different names.....

LuluAddict said...

@Andreea - I thought the same thing. They look the same to me. It's not unusual for one of the foreign sites to mislabel a print/style so I'll be curious to see what the print is called when it's uploaded to the US and Canadian sites.

Rise and Shine said...

Tried on the Speed Up Pant and Crop in Crystalline Multi yesterday. The print is beautiful, but it's backed in white, so I didn't buy them. I may pick up the pant if it goes to WMTM, but the white backing really detracts from the attractiveness. I can't understand why they didn't back them in a dark gray, which they've done for other dark prints in the past.