Saturday, October 14, 2017

Frozen Flourish Wunder Unders Have Hit US Stores

lululemon frozen-flourish-wunder

I spotted a pair of Frozen Flourish Wunder Unders in my store today. They only got a few pairs of 6s in but I assume more will arrive this week and we'll see these at upload. Such a pretty print!

Color Comparisons: Garnet, Dark Adobe, Deep Luxe, Marvel, Ruby Red

lululemon dark-adobe-garnet
Some color comparisons for you - Garnet vs. Dark Adobe

lululemon marvel-dee-luxe
Deep Luxe vs. Marvel

lululemon marvel-garnet
Marvel vs. Garnet.

lululemon marvel-deep-luxe-garnet
Marvel, Deep Luxe, and Garnet

lululemon marvel-deep-luxe-garnet- ruby-red
Ruby Red vs. Marvel vs. Garnet