Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Viola Swiftly LS and SS. I saw these in the store today and they're super pretty.

Aeon and Viola Free to Be Serene bra. I think I'm going to get the Viola one.

Viola Cool Racerback - whoops this was from the UK upload. Canada and the US got the Aeon CRB.

Another throwback item is back - Rise and Shine III jacket in Dark Olive.

Extra Mile LS, made of Rulu.

Rain Haven jacket.

Luxtreme Wunder Under Crops in Shadow Blue.

Shadow Blue Run Times Shorts - sorry, these were uploaded in the UK. I'm sure we'll get them soon.

Another UK special print makes it over to North America - the Polychromatic print, made of Nulux.

Speed Up Tights in Dark Olive.

Fresh in Mesh Tight.

Fresh in Mesh LS

Fresh In Mesh Bra

Mandala Leg Warmer

Reveal Tights in Aeon.

Down and Around Crew

Just the bra for me today - did you get anything?

Fresh In Mesh Tank, Raise the Barre Tank, Aeon Reveal Tights, and More

Vivid Vision Energy Bra and Wunder Unders

The three outfits in this photo series: Adore Your Core Bra and Vivid Vision Wunder Under Tights; Dusky Lavender Fresh In Mesh Tank and Wee Space Scalloped Roll Down Wunder Unders; Raise the Barre Tank and Aeon Reveal Tights.

Mink Berry Sunshine Coast LS and Dark Adobe Align Pant

Box It Out Tights

Fresh In Mesh Tank and Scalloped Roll Down Wunder Unders.

Noir Pant and Wrap It Up Sweater