Friday, June 23, 2017

Mail Day: Submarine vs. Alberta Lake, Pink Haze Overdye Love Tee, and Hint of Sheer Tank

Submarine Define vs. Alberta Lake Tank. The two colors are very similar. It's a very pretty Define. My jacket came with some lines in it, like it self-dyed so I'm going to take a look at other ones in the store and might do an exchange. This Define seems to fit a tad smaller than my Marvel one.

Love Tee Overdye Pink Haze.  My first Love Tee. I find the Love Tees rather plain but the overdye lends it some visual texture. I took the tags off it today and am wearing a Velvet Dust Free to Be Serene bra underneath so if the dye comes off I won't be able to tell. I'm going to cross my fingers for a blue overdye Love Tee.

I think I am going to return the Hint of Sheer Singlet. The material is pretty, soft, and opaque enough in the black but the cut of the top is rather boxy overall. The waist is straight up and down and the straight hem at the bottom gives it a matronly look on me. I've heard people are sizing down in this so I'm going to try it in a ten but I'm not sure that will help with the boxy shape. If you haven't ordered this for yourself yet, I'd recommend sizing down from your regular tank size.