Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Twist and Train Tank and Crop

lululemon twist-and-train crop-tank

lululemon twist-and-train crop-tank

lululemon twist-and-train crop-tank

lululemon twist-and-train crop-tank
Twist and Train tank and crops.


Pics and comments to follow.

lululemon summer-haze-multi-wunder-under
Summer Haze Multi Wunder Unders. New try on reports say these are on the sheer side.

lululemon summer-haze-free-to-be-serene-bra
Free to Be Serene Bra in Summer Haze Multi.

lululemon love-tee figue

lululemon tank figue
Love Tee and Sweat Date Singlet in Figue pink.

lululemon hint-of-sheer-crop-top
Only the cropped tank showed up in the Hint of Sheer line.
lululemon love-tee peri-purple
Peri Purple Love Tee

lululemon cotton-cool-racerback royal

lululemon cotton-cool-racerback dark-adobe
Cotton CRB in Royal and Dark Adobe

lululemon essential-tank forest

lululemon essential-tank tiger-space-dye

New Essential tank colors in Dark Forest and Tiger Space Dye. I'll wait to see these in the store.

lululemon whirlpool wunder-under-tight
Whirlpool Wunder Under Half Tight.

lululemon seascape-long-distance-tee
Seascape Long Distance SS. I'd be interested in this but it's $68.

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over

lululemon mesh-on-mesh pop-over
Mesh on Mesh Pop Over

lululemon intended-crop-top

lululemon intended-crop-top
Intended Crop Tee in Navy and Black Currant

lululemon love-muscle-tank boysenberry
Boysenberry Love Muscle Tank

lululemon nile-blue fast-and-free
Nile Blue Nulux Fast and Free Tight

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-short
Mesh on Mesh Short

lululemon breeze-by crop

lululemon breeze-by tight

lululemon breeze-by speed

lululemon breeze-by tracker

lululemon breeze-by train-times-bra

lululemon breeze-by wunder-under
Breeze By White Cast/Light Cast in Pace Perfect Crop, Train Times Tight, Speed Shorts, Tracker Short, Train Times Bra, and Wunder Under Tight.

lululemon train-time-bra
Black Currant/Boysenberry Train Times Bra

lululemon bleacher-blue-swiftly

lululemon bleacher-blue-swiftly

lululemon bleacher-blue-swiftly tank
Swiftly tops in new Bleacher Blue

lululemon dark-carbon-hotty-hot
Dark Carbon Hotty Hot Short

lululemon jaded-wunder-under
Jaded Wunder Under Crop

lululemon shaped-short
Shaped Short, made of Spacer material.

lululemon this-is-yoga-cool-racerback

lululemon this-is-yoga-cool-racerback

lululemon this-is-yoga-love-tank
This is Yoga CRB IIs and Love Muscle Tank

lululemon on-the-fly
On the Fly Short

lululemon storage-scuba

lululemon storage-scuba
Storage Scuba

lululemon mesh-baller-cap

lululemon mesh-tote

lululemon mesh-backpack

lululemon mesh-go-lightly
Mesh Baller Cap, Mesh Carry the Day Bag, Mesh City Adventure Backpack, and Mesh Go Lightly

Some nice colors came out today but not in the styles I like. Did you get anything? 

UK Spoilers

New Breeze By print in Wunder Under Crop, Wunder Under Pant, Wunder Under Half Tight, Train Times Bra, Train Times Tight, and Speed Shorts. This print is already in US stores so I'm sure we'll get it today.

New Hint of Sheer Singlet. I like this a lot. I'll probably order it.

Hint of Sheer Tee

Hint of Sheer Crop Tank

New Pushing Limits Bra

Space Tee

Faded Zap Bra.

New Pushing Limits Tight and Crop, made of nulu.