Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Entwined Ice Gray Black Print

Previewed on the Hong Kong site, a cute new print called Entwined Ice Grey Black made of Nulux. I wouldn't be surprised if this was done by the same artist who came up with Dottie Tribe, it has that same hand-drawn look. I wish they'd have her make up some cute graphics for the love tees and tanks. I love black and white prints like this so it's now on my wish list. Can't wait for it to get here.


Solid Boysenberry Swiftly Tank, Tee, and LS. I am so tempted by these - so pretty!

Pretty new pink color - Cherry Blossom - uploaded in the light luon Power Pose Tank. I hope we see more Cherry Blossom items.

Boysenberry luxtreme Wunder Under Crops.

Another pretty color - Seascape - in the CRB II.

Toothpaste CRBII

Twist and Train crop in new color Jaded and Black.

Twist and Train Tank

Twist and Train Bra in Jaded and White.

Twist and Train Crop Tank

Pure Blue and Mystic Green cotton Sweat Date Tanks.  I really like both these colors.

Pack Light Bomber

Sun Setter Jogger

New print previewed.

Hot Mesh Tote in Jaded.

New Jaded and Toothpaste Energy Bra. 

Some pretty colors uploaded today but not in the items I want. Nothing for me but I need to try on the Boysenberry Swiftlys and see if I like it enough to buy. Ok, I went back and ordered the Jaded Energy bra and the Mystic Green Sweat Date tank. I am into the muscle-style tanks lately. Did you get anything today?