Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UK Spoilers

Antidote Swiftly tank.

Antidote Mind Over Miles Crop Top and Short. The black color blocking ruins this, she looks like a bee. 

Mind Over Miles Short in Jet Set Blue. Ugh, I hate those mesh pockets. I'd rather not have to baby a pocket like that.

Mind Over Miles SS top in light luxtreme. I'd like this top a lot better if the entire back wasn't so see through.

Color Comparison: Solid Marvel vs. Marvel/Black Swiftly

lululemon marvel-swiftly
Solid Marvel LS Swiftly vs. Marvel/Black Swiftly SS (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)


Antidote Energy Bra and Speed Shorts. The bra is in my bag. Such a fun color that provides a pop of color under everything. I really love antidote with gray.

Marvel Define. I'm very tempted by this. Update - I ordered it.

Marvel Swiftly LS

Marvel Wunder Unders.

Marvel Sculpt Tank

Marvel CRB II

Marvel/Black Swiftly SS and Tank. I want a solid Marvel Swiftly SS.

Blazer Blue/Black Swiftly LS

Black Swan Aligns. I'm very tempted by these, too.

Keep Score Tights

Keep Score Crops

Dark Olive and Illuminight Free to Be Serence Bras. I bought the Ruby Red one last week at the store. I'll post some photos soon.

Heathered Sterling Hot Like Agni Tank

Heathered Black On the Fly Pant

Jet Stream Fast and Free Tight

Jet Stream Sculpt II Tank

Kindred Spirit Wunder Under

More Than Modal Pant

Seymour LS

Supernatural Speed Shorts. I really like the iridescent look of these.

Just the antidote Energy bra for me right now, though I might cave and get the Marvel Define. Did you get anything today?

Spotted in Stores: Marvel Swiftly, Black Swan Aligns, and More

New solid Marvel LS Swiftly, spotted in Canada. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos.)

Black Swan Algins

Heathered Black On the Fly Pants