Thursday, March 30, 2017

OT: Athleta's Stripes Chaturanga Capri and Essence Tank

I know a number of ladies in the lulu groups have already picked these up but I just bought a pair yesterday and am a big fan. These are Athleta's Stripes Chaturanga Capri. I haven't liked the fit and feel of Chaturangas much in the past since the fabric is often a polyester blend but these are a nylon blend and feel like identical to wearing a pair of Wunder Unders. I wore them for a workout today and really, really liked them.

The stripes pattern is a little different from lululemon's Parallel Stripe print but if you're looking for a spare pair to save wear and tear on your valuable PS WUCs these are a nice substitute.

Lululemon has made a very similar (identical?) stripe before - this a SeaWheeze-edition Bound Bra next to the Chaturangas.

I also bought this Essence tank while I was at the store. I know it's a polyester blend but it's super soft, looks very cute from the back, and, most importantly, has "unstinkable" technology. I like my lululemon cotton tanks a lot but I didn't like the one time I wore my pima Trapeze Twist for a vigorous workout and it really took up and retained odor. The price is also a very attractive $39.