Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sh!t Has Hit The Fan: 2017 Outlook Poor, Stock Drops 18% After Hours

All I can say is hahahahaha hohohohoho WE TOLD YOU SO. We, your most loyal customers, have been complaining about a lack of color for MONTHS and it finally came home to bite you. And shame on you for blaming the website redesign and visual displays for your poor sales, it's all about the crappy product assortment - no color, terrible/cheap designs, eliminating/modifying ("innovating") core favorites, hefty price increases, declining functionality, declining quality, and an overall lack of VALUE. Holman is a cancer and needs to go. He jettisoned everything that made lululemon special and now the company is reaping the results. Get some of the old timers back, grab the Ivivva folks who still retain the essence of the brand and turn this around before it's too late.

Some articles:

Fortune: Lululemon Says Lack of Bold Colors to Blame for Poor Start to 2017

CNBC: Lululemon Shares Crater On Weak Outlook

NY Times: Lululemon's Shares Drop After Weak Outlook

Forbes: Lululemon Shares Crash After 'Slow Start' to 2017 Weighs on Outlook

Globe and Mail: Lululemon Shares Plummet As Retailer's Outlook Fades


Wilson pulls no punches in this tweet. His comments here.