Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Smooth Stride Tank, Invigorate Tights, Smooth Stride Tights, and More

lululemon smooth-stride-tank invigorate-tight

lululemon smooth-stride-tank invigorate-tight

lululemon  invigorate-tight

lululemon smooth-stride-tank invigorate-tight
Viridian Green Smooth Stride Tank and Daisy Dust Invigorate Tight.

lululemon smooth-stride-tank-tight

lululemon smooth-stride-tank-tight

lululemon smooth-stride-tight

lululemon smooth-stride-tank-tight
Blue Tied Smooth Stride Tight and Viridian Green Smooth Stride Tank. Sea Spray Invigorate Bra underneath.

lululemon glide-and-stride-bra wunder-under daisy-dust

lululemon glide-and-stride-bra wunder-under daisy-dust
Alarming Glide and Stride Bra and Daisy Dust 7/8 Wunder Under Tight.

lululemon lost-in-pace-skirt
Lost in Pace Skirt

lululemon smooth-stride-crop invigorate-tights
Smooth Stride Crops and Invigorate Tights


Lipstick CRB II, Sculpt II Tank, Energy Bra, and Speed Shorts. I ordered the Energy Bra.

Viridian Smooth Stride Tank. I am a sucker for luxtreme singlets so I ordered this and the Sea Spray one to try.

Smooth Stride SS in Blue Tied and long sleeve in Dark Olive. I wish the LS was in a brighter color. 

Thrive Viridian Wunder Unders. These tempt me a little but I already have a couple of pairs of similar style - print in black and one color - (Illuminight Daisy Dust and Capri Iced Wave) Wunder Unders.

Formation Quicksand Wunder Unders. I can't decided whether or not I like this print. I suspect I might tire of it quickly.

Bit Point Iced Gray Speed Tights and Wunder Unders. These look textured and not the type of texture I like. I'll wait to see these in the stores.

Easy As Jacket in Dark Olive. I kind of like this jacket.

Dark Olive Wunder Under Pants. I want these in a crop.

Double Up Tote Bag in reflective and normal.

Henna Smooth Stride Bra, Ta Ta Tamer, and Wunder Under Pants. The henna stuff only seems to look good with the matching top, imo.

New purple - Marvel - in Wunder Unders.

SeaSpray On the Fly Shorts.

Olive Re-Form Vest

Viridian Swiftly SS

Reflective Go Lightly bag.

Did you get anything today?

Viridian Green Smooth Stride Tank and More

lululemon viridian-green smooth-stride-tank

lululemon viridian-green cool-racerback

lululemon viridian-green swiftly-ls
Ms. K. provides some photos (thanks!!) of the new Viridian Green items hitting the stores. I think the top is the new Smooth Stride tank but I'm not sure. I thought Viridian was more like Menthol but this is darker.

UK Spoilers

Viridian Green CRB II

Viridian Green Glide and Stride Tank. I like this color a lot but this tank doesn't work for me. 

Viridian Green Free to Be Zen Bra

Olive Re-Form Jacket

NTS Cropped SS

On Track Crew

Seamless Reveal 7/8 Tight. We've been seeing these bottoms in photos for awhile now.

Dark Olive 7/8 Wunder Unders. I might have to get these.