Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Peony Multi Nulux Fast and Free Tights, Crops, and Energy Bra. I ordered the tights. 

Cute new mini Everywhere Duffel. This is so tempting to me.

Clear Mint Free to Be Serene Bra. I ordered this. FTBS bras are my favorite.

New print previewed with the Front and Centre Jacket.

Blazer Blue Breeze By

"New" Blackout Aligns (and other tights) with the logo back on the calf but a black one this time.

Black Cherry LS Swiftly

Lead the Pack Crop and Tight.

Nile Blue CRB

Vintage Grape Wunder Under Half Tight

Light As Warmth Jacket

Light As Warmth Crew

Mineralize Train Times

Mineralize Speed Up Shorts

Shaped Jacket Expression

Light and Bright Toque Yum Yum Pink

Pink Lemonade Rest Less PO previewed with the mittens.

Refresh Maxi Dress

The tights and bra for me today - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

How can the Black/Desert Teal SS Swiftly be sold out when it was just uploaded?

Unknown said...

What are the blackout pants? I can't tell what's so different from black pants?

LuluAddict said...

@Unknown - they just moved the logo from the waistband to the leg and made it a black logo instead of the usual reflective one.

Anonymous said...

Are we in 2 months return period yet?

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Peony Multi Nulux Fast and Free Tights. Did not see the L/S Swiftly in Black Cherry on US site initially. Now I do. Need to see in person. Looks like this has some pattern on the upper arms...either that or my screen or the photo is buggy.

Anonymous said...

I got Shaped jacket in light blue( didnt get uploaded) at my store

Unknown said...

Perfect, thanks!

Adrien said...

Which bttoms are those featured in the nulux energy bra with the scalopping and reflective detail??

Kristy Rooney said...

Anon 5:54 I tried it on this weekend and regret not grabbing it. The pattern on the sleeves is roses/flowers...it's nice and subtle. A nice deep dark maroon so it's a nice neutral. It will be mine :)

Anonymous said...

I don’t see anything for me, thankfully. I am not a fan if the peony print but I would think it’s more of a spring print.

Anonymous said...

Don't care for the rose print too much. I have secret garden in a FTB bra and that is enough.

I used to be a LLL diehard but I shop very selectively now. This season I might be after some of the Rest Less pullovers and the odd Rulu item.

If you're looking for a great non-LLL, TRUE winter tight, check out Sugoi's SubZero Zap running tight. I needed new ones and these just arrived. They are thick, soft inside, tasteful 360 degree reflectivity, and so flattering on! Nice zippers at the bottom of the legs and a back zip pocket. Sugoi is a Canadian brand and believe it or not, these tights are Made in Canada. Says it on the paper tag and the inside, cloth tag. I got them for a great discount on RunningFree.com (currently $60 normally $115). (Sugoi has an an even thicker tight if you need it.)

I know from experience through the years shopping LLL, I won't be able to count on them for a true winter running tight (I live in Southern Ontario, Canada). I run in sub-zero temperatures, not always but some days can go as low as -20C (-4F).

Happy running!

Anonymous said...

@Adrien, I think those are the tight stuff tight.

Anonymous said...

LLA, could that be an original shape CRB?

Anonymous said...

If anyone happens to come across the New print of bottoms reviewed with the Front and Centre Jacket in store or online please please let me know. Or even if we know when we may see them LLA.Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

@Kristy Rooney, it's 5:54pm.

I was in the store today and saw the L/S Swiftly in Black Cherry. Very pretty. It came home with me!

Anonymous said...

I went into store again and walked out with nothing - other than nile blue crb that stood out --- I couldn't get over the dull colours. I must be getting over addiction when I am not buying 3 weeks in a row. I like the peony print but I am not in love with it - big flowers or the earth tones in print - not sure. I too just have the secret garden tank and that's it. I also get frustrated buying full price and then seeing angels picking up stuff at outlets for 1/2 the price. I am waiting for markdowns these days. $138 for tights is a bit much and when I see angels buying for $79 it is insulting. I am waiting on the everescent print in wup nulux - the energy bra came out a few weeks ago but wup has not. It has a bit of blue mixed in with greys so I am drawn to it. I am happy to save some money --- i do have 100 tights/crops and 50 plus crbs ---- how much more do i need...I can't cycle through it often enough.