Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Toasty Tech Half Zip made of tech fleece. I hated the feel of the fabric in last year's tech fleece tops so I don't have much hope for this one. The embroidery is a very nice tough, though. My favorite tech fleece top remains the Face the Frost.

Down for a Run Jacket in Black Cherry, Gator Green, and White

Down for a Run Pullover

Down for a Run Vest

Black Cherry Primaloft Scuba

Motionful 7/8 Tight

Sequoia Camo 25" Align Pants. I am really liking the print Aligns. I just took the tags off my 28" camo Aligns today. I got these as a backup pair.

Get Going Jogger

Front and Centre Jacket in Stony Grape.

Stony Grape Fast and Free Tight

Vintage Grape Define (CAN)

Twist and Tuck Pant

Reconnect Jacquard Ready to Rulu Pant

Radiant Multi Free to Be Serene Bra

Radiant Multi Speed Up and Tracker Short

Radiant Multi Speed Up Tight. I saw Radiant Multi Fast and Free Tight in my store yesterday.

Balance and Resist Onsie

Wool Be Cozy Toque in Rose Quartz

Wool Be Cozy Ear Warmer

Naked My Dear Cashmere Scarf

Wool Be Cozy Snood

Blaze Blue My Dear Cashmere Toque

Wool Be Toasty Gloves

Black Cherry Festival Bag

Black Cherry Everywhere Kit

Acute Kit in Dark Olive

Misty Pink Goody Bag

Double Up Pouch

Motivation is Key Chain

Just the 25" Camo Aligns for me. Did you get anything today?


Unknown said...

I was so excited to see Align Camo in the 25” even though I would have preferred the 28” I ordered them ASAP as I’m sure they will sell out! I also was at my local store tonight and bought the Down for a run PO II. Fit is snug in my up size but I love it very flattering but highly recommended you go up one size ! I’m normally an 8 in most tops but thought the 10 was perfect in this :)

Anonymous said...

Why are the toques so small? They don't look good or comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Got the Align Camo in the 25” too. Did not hesitate one second to hit the BUY button this time! I had the 28" in my basket last upload, but then pulled them out. When I went back, the next day they were sold out.

Loving the Black Cherry Down For A Run Jacket, Tech Fleece and Festival Bag. Need to see color in person, as it varies from fabric to fabric.

I am so excited to hear about the fast and free in radiant multi!!!

Anonymous said...

Did u happen to try the tech fleece pullover as well? Wondering about quality and sizing? The embroidery is nice. TIA

Anonymous said...

What color is the inside of the camo aligns? Is it one of the pattern colors or white/light grey?

CatepillarInTraining said...

I ordered the black cherry festival bag- I needed a lightweight bag to kick around with when holiday shopping etc and I think the color is beautiful in the photos.
I'll definitely get the fleece speeds and a DFAR pullover, but I am holding out for more colors, weather is warm this week so I can wait until the next upload lol

Anonymous said...

Had to buy the camo aligns as well as soon as they dropped! I knew I wasn't going to miss my chance this time! Other than that, nothing for me!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the new tech fleece tights?

Anonymous said...

I wish the down for a run best came in bright colors. I need high visibility for running. It’s just getting too dangerous.

Anonymous said...

25.00 for a key chain. Crazy. Those should be free with purchase for not sending us any bags with online orders anymore.

Unknown said...

The Onsie 😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

Surprised by how much I like the Acute Tote, especially in the berry/purple color. The price was pretty low and even though it's really basic and not a "wow" tote but it's so useful and I don't feel bad tossing it around. I don't have to baby it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Camo align leggings and black cherry festival bag comes to Australia, they are gorgeous! I’d probably buy black cherry in a lot of their bags/kits

Anonymous said...

I hope the Vintage Grape define comes to U.S.
Waiting on high rise Wunder Unders in Full on Luon for the camo
For those of you that bought the camo aligns...do you just wear these casually? I love the look and feel, just don't that functional for high sweat activities, so other than casual wear, I don't have any use for them. Even on only lifting days, I still sweat buckets!

Rise and Shine said...

Breaking news... Holman is out! He resigned for personal reasons. Although I hope it's nothing serious (I never wished the man ill, I just wanted him to leave Lulu), I literally laughed out loud to see that his resignation caused the stock to shoot up.

Hopefully, his replacement will be an improvement. Hopefully, they take the hint and hire someone who listens to customers, knows the history of the label (and its aesthetic), and doesn't put their own monster ego first.

Anonymous said...

Missed out on the camo align online TWICE! Called multiple stores and managed to get one! Super excited to get them

Anonymous said...

I noticed they cleaned out We Made Too Much - last week was over 200 items (though mighty thin on the sizes available) - today was like 37. Do you think they're doing this in advance of a Black Friday kind of sale?

LuluAddict said...

@Rise and Shine - it's an early Christmas !!! Gosh I hope they get someone with the old lulu vision.

@ anon 2:41 pm - I noticed! I was thinking something like that, too - some sort of big sale coming up. Or, they'll just warehouse stuff until Jan so we have to buy more full priced stuff during the holiday period.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get the holiday email today with "your gift"

I was all excited thinking it was a coupon code and it was a guide to breathing! WTH!!! So lame

Unknown said...

I know! I got that and was like... uhh what?

Anonymous said...

I know, I got the same email. So freakin lame!

Anonymous said...

😂😂 I know, right?!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could love the aligns, and maybe it's something to do with my physique but they roll down (in a LITERAL ROLL) on me when i do a forward fold. The powervita (similar material) from Athleta's salutation pants DO NOT DO THIS. I Think it's because the waist band is thicker on those power vitas and it just doesn't roll down, ugh. Also the ankles on the aligns are not tapered enough for my smaller ankles, and don't hug to the leg like power vita.
just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I wear aligns casually so not sure not sure how they would perform when I do my intense sweaty circuit workouts. Ankles are a little too wide for me too, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I guess I’m a brand snob because I won’t wear anything inferior like athleta or UA, or old navy

Anonymous said...

That’s interesting. All Lulu yoga pants roll down on me. I’ll try the power vita.

Becca said...

I've tried the power vita and the material is just not as comfortable as Lulu's clothing. Especially the aligns. I am obsessed with them lately! I just did hot yoga in them tonight and LOVE them, they stay put and are so comfy. Maybe it's the sizing? I usually go down a size in aligns.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:56, trust me 99.999% of my workout wardrobe is lulu. And if I wore them only for casual, I'd go with the aligns too (no diagonal seams) but I can't be adjusting my waist band non stop in vinyasa yoga. Lots of forward folds as you go thru power vinyasa. So I tried the power vita (only in salutation 7/8ths) -- the material is VERY similar, and they perform so much better for me. NOTE- the roll down for lulu ONLY happens on the high waisted pants/aligns. I have many wunder under and regular waist band height from lulu that don't roll.