Saturday, November 18, 2017

Peony Multi Fast and Free Tights

Black Cherry Swiftly LS, Down for a Run Vest, and Peony Multi Fast and Free Tights. I got my Peony Multi F&F Tights the other day and really like them. I was surprised they didn't fade with stretching. My challenge is going to find tops other than black to pair with it, though I do own a number of orange-tone tops. Below are a couple colors that seem to go really well:

Pink Lemonade Energy Bra  (thanks to Ms. K.  for her photo).

Blush Quartz What the Sport Mesh Tee. This is a bit washed out looking since I took it in the evening with a flash but Blush Quartz goes really well. The print also has some gray tones in it so a lighter gray like slate would look nice, too.

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Anonymous said...

Those tights are so pretty! I really want them. I keep adding them to my cart, but I can't quite pull the trigger yet. They are just too much $$. I'm having a hard time justifying it. I'll probably break down and buy them at some point, for now I just keep checking the inventory levels.