Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mail Day - Rest Less Pullover and Camo Align Pants

lululemon rest-less-pullover hydrangea-blue-nile
My upload order came today and for the first time in a long time I love everything. The Nile Blue and Hydrangea Rest Less Pullovers are just gorgeous. 

lululemon sequoia-camo-align-pant

lululemon sequoia-camo-align-pant
I also ordered the Sequoia Print Deep Coal Black Align Pants which I think are sold out on line now. I'm a big fan of black camo so I'm really happy with these. I bought denim luon Black Savasana Camo Wunder Unders a couple of years ago which were super cute but way too hot for the gym so a camo print in the Align material is genius.

A friend tells me that these tights are coming soon, in addition to floral embroidered sweater, pants, and a hoodie. 


Anonymous said...

Those floral tights look very Athleta to me! Promising!

Anna said...

Does the Rest Less Pullover fit the same way? I needed to go one size up with the orange and white from the last year release, my size was tight in the chest. Thank you :)

Draia said...

I’m already obsessed with the floral print. Need those immediately.

Unknown said...

I loved everything I got this week too! Which was definitely not the plan according to my husband and bank account lol. I got the Luxtreme WUPs in Rip Wave Emboss Black (might keep the tags on and hope for a 7/8 version for my short legs but love them either way!), high rise Speed Ups, black and white Love Tanks, and the Train Times Bra in candy pink even though it wasn’t new - I own so many FTB Serene’s I thought I’d branch out to the Train Times and I actually quite like it because it’s a bit longer and looks cute as a crop on its own.

Then, lastly, I snagged the 7/8 Aligns in Dark Shadow because it’s very similar to the Dark Carbon ones and - despite having a ridiculous amount of colors - those are my most-worn pair.

Overall, I loved this upload! My bank account did not

Anonymous said...

The Rest Less pullovers are beautiful!! Are these colors thick and soft? I need a swiftly alternative that is not so clingy and these look like a looser fit. Thanks for the photos and your thoughts! :)

miss c.c said...

Is the rest less a dark green?

Anonymous said...

I skipped on the camo Aligns with the hope other leggings/crops will come out in this print. Aligns are just no good for running, etc but they are comfy for lounging about.