Monday, November 20, 2017

Foreign Site Spoilers

It looks like lululemon is trending back to their more classic holiday release featuring a black and white print and a handful of embroidered items. There are several new prints in this week's upload. Nulux Overlace/Overlace Delicate Ice Gray/Black in Wunder Under Tights and Energy bra. The Hong Kong site calls them SE Black Friday prints but the UK site does not. I've read rumors that our Black Friday is supposed to include reflective items so I suspect we'll see these prints tomorrow.

Funky Luxtreme Flurolace Multi in the Energy Bra, Wunder Under Crops, and Wunder Under Tights. I'd be more into this print if it was a blue-based one.

Embellished Multi Wunder Under Crop and Tight, Energy Bra, and Free to Be Zen Bras. Made of luxtreme.

Embroidered Get Set Bra.

Lace Wunder Under Tights.

Embroidered To You Hoodie

Nocturnal Teal Ready to Rulu Pant

Radiant Multi Fast and Free Tights. I saw these in my store a couple of weeks ago but they're finally hitting the website now.

Desert Teal Ta Ta Tamer

Desert Teal/Black Swiftly SS and LS

Mineral Blue Swiftly Tank

Stony Grape and Space Dye rulu Runderful LS

The Hong Kong Site had Base Runner Half Zips but I think these might be old stock since none of the colors are new. I suppose they could be a re-release, though.


Shadowy Lady said...

Thank you for sharing. I wonder if this is the same Runderful as the old release. If so I'm getting a couple more. Runderful is my fave shirt to run in fall and winter

Anonymous said...

LLA: Did you find the radiant multi fast & free tights to be as bright in person? I have a pair of the speed up tights & am debating on returning them & ordering the fast & frees instead.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:58 am - I thought they looked the same as the luxtreme version of the print.

Anonymous said...

I would like to check out the Stony Grape Runderful l/s if it comes to Canada. That colour would have been nice in the Base Runner 1/2 zip.