Monday, November 6, 2017

Foreign Site Spoilers

Tech fleece Toasty Tech Half Zip.

Motionful 7/8 Tight

Push Your Pace Jacket

Fast As Fleece Tight

Stony Grape Invigorate Bra

Stony Grape CRB 2

Stony Grape Swiftly LS

Beat the Heat Bra in black and Stony Grape

Pace Perfect Tank in Hydrangea

White/Black Stripe Swiftly LS and Tank

Pace Perfect Crop

Hydrangea Pace Perfect Short

Cerulean Swiftly SS and Tank


Anonymous said...

From what is shown here it will be another "no buy" week for me. Not impressed with the new tech fleece 1/2 zip. It looks too short and very similar to last years tech fleece which I bought but am not happy with. The fleece is thinner and the neckline is shorter and not as cozy as the Face The Frost tech fleece from a few years ago. I actually find last years tech fleece fabric cold against my skin and rarely reach for it. I wish I had bought more than one Face The Frost because from the looks of it LLL tech fleece is no longer a must have for me. I also don't like the stitching detail on this new one and wouldn't be surprised if the stitching looks horrible after some wear especially from outerwear rubbing on the shoulders.

I really don't know where LLL's head is at these days when it comes to cold weather work out gear when they keep shortening the length of tops and jackets. The Push Your Pace jacket is cute but is useless for outdoor running in cold climates. There is nothing here that is going to keep the tush warm unless I am running outdoors in Vancouver and even then the Fleece tight may not be enough.

CatepillarInTraining said...

fleece tights!! :) I definitely need a pair, and I love that black half zip. Hoping both of those are in tonight's upload in the US.