Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday Upload!

Sequoia Camo Free to Be Serene Bra

Flash Light and Midnight Navy Restless Pullovers

Flash Light Cool Racerback II

Flash Light Swiftly Tank

Electrobeam Energy Bra and Speed Wunder Tights

Blush Blossom Train Times Tights

Liquid Platinum Fast and Free Tight, Sculpt Tank, Free to Be Zen Bra, and Wunder Under Tights.

Rain Rival Jacket in Deep Meadow

Dark Olive Warm and Restore Sweater

Gold Double Up Pouch

Light Speed Acute Kit

Mini Light Speed Gold Goody Bag

Silver Goody Bag

Black Cherry Get Set Bag

Deep Camo Scuba

Heathered Inkwell Define

Nulux Effervescence Wunder Under Tight

Sit In Lotus Wrap II

Stand Out Sherpa Half Zip

Submarine To You Tunic
Dark Chrome Carry On Rucksack

Dark Chrome Mini Belt Bag

Antiqued Alpine Wunder Unders

Just the Sequoia Camo Free To Be Serene Bra for me tonight. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

sit in lotus sweater in starlight for me, but lots of nice stuff. I can't wait for the metallic pieces!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think or know if they will come out with a gold bag since they came out with the gold pouch?!

Anonymous said...

I love that Mini Belt bag in Chrome!

Anonymous said...

Generally disappointed....though I know I shouldn't be since it's been this way now for years. No frilly details, no bright fun colors, nothing that stands-out as 'LULU.' When a 'tunic' is the length that tops used to be, the downward trend continues.

Rise and Shine said...

Love the colors and new pattern of the Rest Less, but since I don't need any more urgently, I'll wait for them to be marked down. People are hating the new short length. Somehow, it doesn't bother me too much, even though that's something I frequently complain about. Seriously, though, I'd be happy with every single Rest Less they released this Fall, but I am going to have to set some limits for myself.

lulubell said...

I love the metallic leggings. I'm definitely interested in those! Everything else either resembles other things I already own or is stuff I'm not interested in.

There were some pretty sparkly sock sets in store. I was tempted, but I wondered how delicate they are. They are kind of pricey, so I'd be super upset if they got holes.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is all horrible.

Anonymous said...

The Get Set bag looks like a lunch bag.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:07 pm - lol, it does!

Anonymous said...

I got Antiqued alpine 7/8 WU and Forever warm jacket in gray. I thought there were several cute items, but had to restrain myself. I’m probably in minority, but I like shorter length and more sophisticated colors! I feel that all my longer tanks look dated now compare to shorter ones. I have to tie them. I can’t wait when Slush hour jacket gets marked down, bc I’ll be all over it.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointment. There is nothing even remotely remarkable about any of this stuff. Lululemon has lost its luster.

Kirsten said...

Yes!!!!! I agree with everything in this comment!! I got the same WUPs and love shorter tanks! I’m always tying them if they aren’t crops!

Anonymous said...

What top is pictured with the gold double up pouch???

Anonymous said...

I hope we see more of the sit in lotus sweater. I didn’t buy any of the wraps but I have the sweater in every color. They’re flattering and they hold up pretty well

Anonymous said...

Tiny adult over here is living for the ivivva, though! Glad I can work a size 14!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:23 pm - looks like a Knot a Problem LS in dark olive.

Anonymous said...

What's so "sophisticated" about endless shades of gray? It just says "drab". I miss the variety of color and colorful prints as opposed to the multiple versions of static noise prints we see nowadays.