Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Hold On Tight

Meant to Move Crop

Black Cherry and Submarine Meant to Move LS

Hold and Let Flow Tank.

Radiant Multi Speed Up Crop

Radiant Multi Wunder Under Tight. These are gray on the inside.

Ready to Rulu Pant

Meadow Power Pose Tank

Meadown Hotty Hot Short

Luminescence Tight Stuff Tight II

Psychic Free to Be Serene Bra

Nouveau Mach Blue Free to Be Serene Bra

Hold On Tight Solid

Fast and Free Tight in Frozen Flourish. Anyone try these on, do they go sheer?

New Get Set Bra

All Days Vest in Dark Olive

Pool Party Essential Tank

Nothing yet for me but I might order those Frozen Flourish Fast and Free Tights. I saw a lot of the new items in the store but I'll post the photos in another post. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Loving the radiant multi print and can easily see it pairing with a tank or long-sleeve of that new meadow color. The flocked tights are super cute but I'm worried about the mesh panels on the legs. (Also, how many Ready to Rulus is it ok to own? Asking for a friend.)

Anonymous said...

Haven't bitten the bullet on at R to R's.....are they that awesome? Also how is the sizing/quality etc....

Anonymous said...

Anyone order the frozen flourish from last week? Are you happy with the prints opacity? Also on the fence about the midnight navy/psychic blue LS Swiftly from last week...opinions?? TIA

Anonymous said...

I ordered both colors of All Day Vest. I"m 5'9" and most vests are too short. A friend told me they run TTS. I also orered Meant To Move tight in that Maroon color. And lastly I got Ready to rulu pants in that wee space pattern. So cute!!
Yikes Meadown color looks like my dog's bile :( .

kdub727 said...

It would be nice to see a Fringe Fighter headband in a print. I have one from a long time ago, wonder if they don't sell as well as solids?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - I am also in the Ready to Rulu Hoarding Group. I think I own every colour they've made so far, so obviously I picked up the two new colours released with this upload.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:38. I think you can own as many Ready to Rulus as you want! I have 5 pairs of Still pants. Nothing for me from Tuesday's upload. I do like the details of the Meant to Move crop.

Anonymous said...

Why are none of the comments showing up?

Anonymous said...

Do you wear your tts in these ready to rulu?

Anonymous said...

Lulu ran out of lulus and now we're left with lemons.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting increasingly tired of the enhanced colour saturation that Lululemon uses in the website photography. I loved the Radiant Multi online, but in reality the print is much lighter, murkier, and generally subdued. Every time I like something online, it seems, when I go and look at it in store I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I went to my local Lulu store today and ended up leaving with a pair of Ready to Rulus. I wasn't crazy about the heathered black cherry color on the website. It looked a little washed out and light. About half of the pairs on the rack looked just like the online photo, and the other half were much darker, more of a purple, and really pretty. If you're thinking about getting the heathered black cherry color, it's definitely worth making a trip to a store to get the shade you want. The color can vary A LOT. The darker shade went great with the marvel swiftly I had on.

Anonymous said...

12;21 I am laughing at your comment. So true