Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Free to Be Serene Tank in Black Cherry/Radiant Multi.

Get Set LS in Tiger Space Dye and Emerald

Free To Be Serene in Deep Luxe. I really like this one.

Print Align tights in Rip Wave Purple Thunder

Stony Grape/Black Swiftly LS

Wunder Unders in Luon Warp Speed Filtered Orange Electric Coral

New style On Your Mark Crops in heathered Black luxtreme.

Back in Action Bra

Back in Action SS

Garnet Scuba

Tech Lux Jacket

Tech Lux Pullover

Shine Bright Tank

Shine Bright Invigorate Bra

Deep Luxe Tracker Shorts

Dark Olive Insulated Rain Haven Jacket

Nothing yet for me. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I love the look of the tech lux jacket in red but will need to try it on first. Also love the new printed aligns but can't rationalize another pair of bottoms I can't wear to CrossFit or running.

Anonymous said...

Hate the colorblock look - even if it is black and gray.

That reflective tank is awful. If i'm running at night or in the morning, first off, it's chilly now (even though it warms up to 80's still) and i'm NOT in a "nothing" tank. Also, I need reflective in the front and the back. Reflective on the sides only really does no good IMO. Cars are either coming behind me or towards me (i.e. I always run going opposite the cars as you are supposed to) so front/back reflective is much more useful than side. Makes no sense to me but whatever.

I need more yoga crops but everything is high rise. I hate high rise. Guess i'll be heading to Athleta or Old Navy or some such to look for yoga crops with waistbands that don't go up to my boobs when I sit down.

Anonymous said...

I’m liking On the mark crop, but hate slit on the back. Reminds me Gather and Crow crops . I also own Box it out tight in gray and these would be too similar anyways. Nothing else looks very interesting really. Maybe this was tiny upload before they surprise us with huge product drop?? :)

Anonymous said...

What are the pants pictured with the black Tex Lux pullover? I want!

Amy said...

I got the Deep Luxe FTBS bra :)

Unknown said...

There was new energy bras and crb this week

Anonymous said...

I got the Stony Grape/Black Swiftly LS and the Twilight Circuit Breaker Tall. And three Scrunchies, which do an amazing job of holding my very thin/fine hair back in a ponytail.

lulubell said...

Nothing for me, but I'm happy to see they put out something new in Luon this week. I thought maybe Luon was dying off. I hope they have more offered in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Agree that reflective missed the mark. I would love a long sleeve top with reflective sleeves so i can layer a vest over it. I have shorts and pants that are full on reflective but need a top. I ordered baller hat but a reflective toque to cover my ears would be good.

Rowgirl said...

I just (tentatively) purchased a back in action SS. Not sure about the ties, but hoping I will love it as much as my Quick Pace SS, which I regret not buying more of (I got one and wear it all the time for workouts.) For years all the tops were made long in the back for "bum coverage", but actually for anyone who has a small waist and large ass, those were very unflattering and bunched up at the back. I find the high back and longer or looser front to be much more flattering and comfortable for my hourglass/pear body type.

Kim said...

I want that garnet scuba...but I've been looking for a new scuba for a while, just needed the right color. Nothing else is really speaking to me. I need some long sleeved shirts for layering with a heavier outer layer and a vest for figure skating, but I want something cute and not just plain/basic.

Kim said...

I just received the Tech Lux jacket in Garnet and while very pretty was just that little bit too snug for my liking in my tts. The colour is a bit darker than pictured but still very pretty. It is also very light compared to the spacer fabric items they released last season of which I bought two of and love :)

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what kind of Spacer fabric the new jacket is made of? Is it more cotton-like from last year( I have a couple of items) or very soft, spongy material? I believe they used it for cuffs and collar on reversible bomber. I like both, just curious

emily said...

I agree that their reflective offerings miss the mark. I have reflective shorts from a few years back and they are only reflective on back, and really should be reflective on front too. What's worse is when they do full reflective, the prices are just way more than what I am willing to spend. I can light myself up with lights and flashing gear for much cheaper.