Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Some many prints today - Train Times in Aura Dark Chrome Multi/Midnight Navy. 

Foliage Moody Blue Nulux Wunder Unders and Energy Bra. I ordered the WUs.

Camouflage Midnight Navy/Black Wunder Unders and Speed Up Shorts. I like this one a lot.

Frozen Flourish Multi Run Times. I like this one, too.

Frozen Flourish Wunder Unders are previewed with the Garnet Define. Love this combo.

Scarlet Swiftly but I want to try these on in person.

Warm for Winter Hoodie in Olive and Mach Blue.

Warm for Winter Jogger, shown in Mach Blue.

Garnet Plank to Pike LS, made of Everlux.

Plank to Pike Tights, made of Everlux.

Mesh in More Jacket

Garnet Baller Cap

Flare Baller Cap, made of mesh.

All Set Shopper Tote, shown in Olive.

 Brushed Lux Speed Up Tight

Brushed Wunder Unders

Wool Be Cozy Poncho (CAN)

Cut Above Hoodie

Balance and Resist Crop Top and Tight

Just the Moody Blues Foliage Tights for me today. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Had to get the scarlet swiftly tanks for me and my daughter.

Rise and Shine said...

I like Garnet and I like the Scarlet Swiftly, but I can't say I'm really excited about them. Lots of fug. Lots of boring. I feel like the design team is just throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks. No point of view. Lots of elements borrowed from other companies. None of it looks like Lululemon. Disappointing.

The one garment I do really like, the Pushing Limits Tight (not 7/8), still hasn't been uploaded. Maybe it never will be. I don't understand the marketing strategy of "store only" products that aren't even promoted in the stores. I'm just glad I had a really nice GEC go the extra mile to track down a second pair for me. It wasn't so easy, because you can't look the "in store only" items up with a bar code. You have to dig around on the store computer.

Stephanie said...

All of the prints look super gorgeous; I'm especially loving that blue camouflage print in the Speed Up Shorts! Might consider investing in them later.
The Garnet colour seems nice in a Define Jacket, but I just bought the Dark Adobe Define not too long ago, and the colours look kind of similar, so I don't think I'll be buying one of those. But you're right, that Garnet/Frozen Flourish combo looks too good. Maybe I can sacrifice another hundred dollars, LOL.
I think some anons mentioned this on other posts, but Garnet and/or Scarlet Align's would be really nice.

Anonymous said...

More beautiful prints that only come in pants or bras. What I would give for about the last 20 prints in a CRB!!

Anonymous said...

I really like all these new prints. The foliage is a must, but I like the frozen flourish--it reminds me of midnight iris from a few years back.

Anonymous said...

How's everlux compare to nulux/luxtreme? Either way, that super high waist on those new everlux pants concerns me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:47 pm - Everlux felt kind of like compression-less luxtreme to me.

@ anon 6:33 pm - that's what I thought, too, when I saw - Midnight Iris. I really like it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Midnight Iris. That’s what it reminded me of. I missed out on that print because the WU were sheer on me. I also like the foliage print but I think the Nulux is too slippery and will likely fall on me. Good to see some prints though that is not black, white, and gray.

CatepillarInTraining said...

frozen flourish looks so pretty. I'm wondering if these new prints are going to be white backed or not? I generally can't do white-backed prints since my waist is small but my legs are larger and there's too much fade in the legs.

Anonymous said...

It’s OT, but I thought I would share this with you guys , especially those of you who doesn’t live near the store . I was officially told by two different eds that now LLL does price adjustments within 30 days of purchase, but it has to be based on web site price. So if it’s only other store’s md then it doesn’t count, but if the item went on md on web site they’ll do it. I got so excited that I forgot to ask if you still have to keep tags on or the item could be worn and all you have to do is just to bring the receipt?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 6:15 100%!!! I actually think if you love patterned tights or bras Lulu hasn't been awful lately. However, I have relatively thick, short legs so I ALWAYS reach for dark solid pants. I know the trend has shifted to plain tops and vibrant/patterned bottoms, but I have to do what's right for my body type -- and accentuate my trim torso.

I used to buy Defines and CRBs frequently in fun colors or prints, but not anymore. (Plus, I am not fond of the CRB2's back.) They're all 50 shades of grey.

Moreover, I like lulu bras, but I have so many of them already AND I personally would never wear them alone -- just peeking out of a tank.

Sadly, as 6:15 mentioned, it's extremely unlikely that these prints will be released in anything I want or need.

Anonymous said...

These remind me of Midnight Iris and maybe Curious Jungle too.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:32am - that's good to know - thanks!

Anonymous said...

@10:32, my store told me that you need tags on for a price adjustment. But I think if you save the tag and bring it in with item and receipt they will do it. It just depends on the store. Some stores will also honor other store's markdowns. I always ask just in case they say yes. It also helps if an ed from your store calls an ed from another store.

I got the Aura Dark Chrome Train Times Pant. In person, the print is much darker. It's really a nice print of greens, gray and purples.

I think I'm going to have to get the blue camo.

@LLA, I think you will like the scarlet swiftly (tank, tee or LS). It's a very vibrant color in person.

Anonymous said...

Liking the prints, but I think they would look better in tops, like some people are saying. And did anyone notice that they brought back Black Cherry in the Align's? Didn't they already do a Black Cherry Run last year? Or are they bringing it back because it sold so well?
Anyhow, I'll be waiting another week to purchase something. Good for my wallet I suppose.

Anonymous said...

My love for lulu has faded. i like stopping by here to see if anything inspires me to shop, but nothing.


Anonymous said...

I’m anon 10:32, went to another store today and asked about price adjustment . This store told me that it’s only within 7 days , but I don’t have to bring the item, tags don’t have to be attached and it can be worn. So I guess it depends on a store

strawb3rries said...

What is that top in the photo of the Brushed Lux Speed Up Tight?! I'm pretty sure that i need it.

Anonymous said...

M, I'm with you. My love actually faded more than a year ago. I purchased one pair of crops this year. That's it. Everything is so boring now. Next year will likely be my first year of not purchasing any Lulu since I started collecting back in 2009. Unless they come with an awesome SE line this winter with ruffles and old school quality.

Anonymous said...

I have the exactly same body type and sadly the aura print is white-backed. There's considerable fade with even a little stretch. So bummed! ☹️

Anonymous said...

I got Run On crops in dark olive today. They are very similar to my beloved Pace Rivals in waist fit and length ( just 1 inch shorter, but oh well). The only annoying thing is a zip pocket on right tigh. Why couldn’t they put it on the back ?? I personally don’t need any pockets since I workout at the gym and have gym bag for all my stuff. Also, I know I’m pritching to the choir, but when will LLL start catering to not just outdoor runners and yoga goers? IMHO yoga was a fad that started about 10-15 years ago and pretty much faded by now. My two gyms ( different chains) are having hard time filling yoga classes. I remember times when yoga classes were so busy that you couldn’t even put mat on the floor. Now they are struggling to have 7 people there . They told me it has to be consistently 7 people in the class otherwise it’ll get canceled . From what i saw its mostly elderly people that are not wearing LLL. I’m not saying LLL should stop making relaxed kind of clothing , but may be more so of circuit/lifting /HIIT workout kind style since it seems to be more in demand?

Anonymous said...

Hoping someone can help me with the following. How does garnet compare to bordeaux drama, black cherry, dark adobe, pelt etc? It looks very different depending on the item. Which item would be the best representation? I been finding the colours quite different in person than the photos lately.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:29 pm, ah goodness, your "imho" that looks at yoga within only your gym setting is quite uninformed. Yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry, internationally. It is more popular than ever. Gyms offer it in an effort to diversify and get in on the yoga dollars; to attract and keep clientele from going elsewhere. If you're late to this news: yoga (postures) is a fantastic complement to ANY activity. (I won't get into the eight limbs of yoga. NA is obsessed with yoga "exercise" for the most part.) Yoga taught well and safely in gyms, is great. Yoga taught sh!ttily in gyms is unsafe and terrible. There are gyms in my (major, North American) city where the yoga classes are busy and popular. However, most serious, dedicated yogis go to a yoga studio and I can assure you, yoga studios are packed. (And I say this as a hardcore yogi, runner, and cyclist.)

As for the waning of LLL love, I am with M. and others. I am probably going on 2.5 years. I buy very little now. Admittedly in the past couple of months they seem to be getting better, but I'm good with what I have (classic items for running, yoga, casual, and a lot of it). I also dislike the CRB2 and most of the patterned bottoms. I see some nice looking Rulu shirts are out and I might acquire some (I'm a sucker for Rulu) but I'll need to see/feel them in person first. I mostly refuse to suck up the increased prices for the Swiftly tops.

Amy said...

I was interested in those crops until I saw the zipper. I have no need for a zipper. I'm an outdoor runner but don't carry stuff with me in my pockets. I just want some mid-rise Luxtreme crops but that's apparently hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:29 pm: I accept that this is your experience regarding yoga classes, but let me tell you it is not mine. I’m a member of Goodlife in Toronto, and whatever gym I go to, the Bodyflow and yoga classes are PACKED! And not only with elderly ladies who don’t wear Lululemon either, but men and women of all ages, wearing LLL and mixed sport brands. I personally try to do yoga at least four times a week and find it wonderful for my joints and muscles, especially after S'bam, Bodyattack or Bodypump. I believe you have to be strong AND flexible, and yoga will help you achieve that. Maybe you will find this belief more acceptable as you age....
Anyway, I’m satisfied with the garments for mixed uses LLL puts out and this is not what I would change.