Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New In the Stores - Scarlet Swiftly SS, Train Times, Foliage Moody Blues Wunder Unders, Mesh is More Jacket, and More

Miss K. sent some photos (thanks!!) of the latest arrivals to her store - New Train Times and Nulux Wunder Unders.

Close up of the new Train Times print.

Close up of the new Foliage Moody Blues Wunder Unders. I am ordering these today.

Foliage Moody Blues Energy Bra

Scarlet Swiftly - so pretty!

Scarlet Swiftly with the new Train Times.

New Mesh in More jacket.

New Balance and Resist Crop Top and Tight.

New colors in the rulu Extra Mile LS.

Twist and Reach Tank in Aeon.

Twist and Reach Mock Neck

Flow and Go Scarf


Kim said...

The print on those Train Times is beautiful. I can't decide if I should just buy them in a 7/8 pant as soon as they come out or wait to see if they come in a crop.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I love the print on the TrainTimes, though I am always a sucker for florals. My problem is that, because I carry most of my weight in my legs, I only like to wear color/pattern on my trimmer top; I find I almost always reach for dark, solid pants. I have too many bras already so I hope this pattern comes in something I like.

I agree the scarlet swiftly looks unusual and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Really not a fan of that print. Looks like bad wallpaper.

Miranda said...

Finally a red for the ladies! I already got the Scarlet love tee, hoping they do some pants in this color.

Kim said...

You look awesome in the Grey Mesh is more jacket with the black leggings :)

Kim said...

you also look great in the Scarlet Swiftly with the new Train Times, love the colour combo together :)

LuluAddict said...

@Kim - that isn't me, that's my friend Ms. K. who always makes everything look good. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the train times print...colors are beautiful in combination. I can't decide if I like Foliage Moody Blues Wunder Unders. I guess that's a sign I should pass. The print is nice and the colors are nice, so I'm not sure why the hesitation.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if the Train Times in Aura Dark Chrome Multi/Midnight Navy is white on the inside?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:34 pm - It's not white, it's a gray on the inside. I'll post some photos tomorrow.