Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Shine Bright reflective polka dot Invigorate Tights.

Hi Rise and Low Rise Wunder Under Tights in Frozen Flourish

Frozen Flourish Train Times Crops

Frozen Flourish Speed Up Crops

Aura Dark Chrome Multi Wunder Under Tights and Crops

Frozen Flourish Free to Be Serene and Zen Bras

Aura Dark Chrome Multi Speed Up Tights

Extra Mile SS top. I really like this.

Rulu Extra Mile Hoodie (CAN)

Rulu Extra Mile Half Zip

Hydrangea Blue Swiftly SS

Hydrangea Blue Love Tee

Dark Olive Swiftly Tank

Black Cherry and Dark Shadow To the Point top.

Black Cherry Luon Wunder Under Pant

Luminescence Splatter Align Crops

Warm for Winter Mach Blue Jacket

Heathered Black Luxtreme Crop

Inkwell Cut Above Top

Luxtreme Extra Mile crop in Garnet

Extra Mile Tight

Warm on the Way Jacket

Dark Cedar Down and Around Vest

Nothing for me right now but I want to try that Extra Mile SS at the store. Did you get anything today?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Frozen Flourish Wunder Unders Have Hit US Stores

lululemon frozen-flourish-wunder

I spotted a pair of Frozen Flourish Wunder Unders in my store today. They only got a few pairs of 6s in but I assume more will arrive this week and we'll see these at upload. Such a pretty print!

Color Comparisons: Garnet, Dark Adobe, Deep Luxe, Marvel, Ruby Red

lululemon dark-adobe-garnet
Some color comparisons for you - Garnet vs. Dark Adobe

lululemon marvel-dee-luxe
Deep Luxe vs. Marvel

lululemon marvel-garnet
Marvel vs. Garnet.

lululemon marvel-deep-luxe-garnet
Marvel, Deep Luxe, and Garnet

lululemon marvel-deep-luxe-garnet- ruby-red
Ruby Red vs. Marvel vs. Garnet

Friday, October 13, 2017

On Your Mark Crop, Deep Luxe Free to Be Serene Bra, and More

Hero Blue Extra Mile LS and On Your Mark Crop

Aura Dark Chrome Multi/Midnight Navy Train Times Tights

Free to Be Serene 2 in 1 Tank

Garnet Define

 Color Comparison - Ruby Red vs. Deep Luxe vs. Garnet