Monday, October 30, 2017

Surprise Early Upload!

Slush Hour Jacket

Slush Hour Parka

Rip Wave Purple Thunder Speed Up Tight

Rip Wave Thunder Scuba

Sequoia Camo Align Pant

Full Freedom Jacket

Rulu Morning Miles LS in Nocturnal Teal

Heathered Black and Blazer Blue Inspire IIs

Nulu Full Freedom Crop in Luminescence

Fleece and Thank You Pullover

On the Go Poncho

Nulux Crystal Haze Energy Bra

Down for a Run Jacket II

Night View Inspire Tight II

Desert Teal Swiftly LS

New Mineralize print Festival and Everywhere Kit (CAN)

Rip Thunder Wave Fast and Free Crop (CAN)

Garnet Namaskar Crop (CAN)

Rip Wave Embossed Cargo Wunder Under (CAN)

Rest Less Pullover in Nile Blue, Clear Mint, and Hydrangea (thanks to a reader who pointed this out).

Nothing for me today. Ok, went back and ordered the Nile Blue and Hydrangea Rest Less POs and the camo Align pants. Anything for you?

(PS - I hate the new website layout. It looks cheap and is slow and clunky. )

Thursday, October 26, 2017

In-Store Photos: Hold and Let Flow Tank, Extra Mile SS, Meant to Move 7/8 Tight, and More

Hold and Let Flow Tank. 

I liked this top a lot but I'm gong to cross my fingers to get this on WMTM.

Radiant Multi Wunder Unders and Speed Up Tights.

Meant to Move 7/8 Tight

Hold On Tights

The splatter print Aligns were a bit see through on me.

Ready to Rulu Pant

Waistband of the Rush Hour Tights

Rulu Rush Hour Tights. I have a pair of rulu Turn Around Tights from a couple of years ago that I really like for chilly days.

Psychic Free to Be Serene Bra. This color is very close to Sapphire/Harbor blue so I'm going to pass on it.

All Day Vest

Run Fast Gloves

Thanks to Ms. K. for letting me use her photos.