Monday, September 11, 2017

Variegated Knit Speed Up Tights, Knot a Problem LS, Rise and Shine Jacket, and More

Nulux Polychromatic Wunder Under Tight

Variegated Knit Speed Up Tight, Midnight Navy Define, Swiftly top, and Go Lightly Duffel Bag.

Knot a Problem LS, Moody Blues Align Tights, and Just Enough Puff Vest

Press Pause Jacket, Love Tee, and Warm Down Jogger

Raise the Barre Tank

Resist the Mist Jacket, Throwback Pant, All Set Convertible Bag, Free to Be Serene Bra, and Love Tee.

Fresh In Mesh Bra and Moody Blues Aligns.

Speed Up Crops

Aeon Sculpt Tank


Anonymous said...

If you have anything in greyvy could you do a comparison with moody blues?

Anonymous said...

I love the moody blues align but I would wear this to yoga and I think they'll show sweat.

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd sort the pilling issues with the aligns! They're super comfy, but I can't even walk the dog a couple of km around the block in them without the crotch pilling. GEC just say they're only for yoga or low intensity... surely a little walking is low intensity? Anyone know if the other colours have the same issue?

Rebeca said...

The define jacket is midnight navy :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried on the Throwback Pant? I really want a new pant with a flared leg. But do they fit or feel the same as Groove's? I know they don't have the seams down the sides on the back.

LuluAddict said...

@Rebeca - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Never had any issues with any of my aligns. I have 5 pairs

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen the moody blue align pants in person? Is it more blue or purple?