Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I see some new items on the website. Pics and comments to follow.

Scarlet Love Tee. Note the cute bottoms previewed with this. I might order this top.I ordered this.

Scarlet Run Times and Speed Up Crops

Psychic Fast and Free Tights. I like the whole outfit.

Midnight Navy Psychic Swiftly

Jaded Pleat Energy Bra

Pleat Define

Pleat Wunder Under Tight, in Jaded.

Lacescape Dark Cast Align Crops and Tights. I might order the crops.I ordered the crops.

Garnet Swiftly LS. I hope this color shows up in the Breeze Swiftly LS. I've become a big fan of those lately.

Miles Ahead Tank

Shape Up Tank in Moody Blues, made of nulu.

Love Crew in Psychic and Garnet

Viola Scuba IV

Side Story Tee in Garnet and Black

Canada got Fast and Free Tights in the Vivid Vision Print.

Nothing for me yet. I ordered the Scarlet Love Tee and Lacescape Align crops.Did you order anything?


Anonymous said...

So sad we didn't get that beautiful print from the Australia upload. I was actually planning on ordering something for the first time in months.

Anonymous said...

Can we please get Garnet Align's? I'm so tired of all the blues :(

Anonymous said...

I ordered the full length aligns in the new print, and the garnet love tee. I have been wanting to try aligns, but have so many solid yoga pants, couldn't justify it previously!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to return my Vivid Vision WUs if the US getss it in F&F.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:54 Yes please! I'll take some Scarlet Align's too while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

Some really nice colours in the reds and blues, garnet, moody blues, and midnight navy in particular. I will need to see garnet in person. Every time I hope LLL has done red right, it's been a disappointment in person. But, from the wmtm "warehouse" upload earlier in the year, I did finally get a cranberry CRB that is true cranberry. It's super thick material so I have been saving it for fall and winter as a layering item.

The jaded pleat wunder under tight looks appealing in both colour and detailing. They look well made and that's not mesh, right?

I won't rush to buy anything. I have been doing a bit of a purge of all clothing (that will eventually include some LLL). I'm pretty good at buying and/or keeping what I truly love and I have purged before (massively 2 years ago and regularly since). Yet I still have too much so there is nothing I truly need regardless of what I want.

Anonymous said...

Blah upload

Anonymous said...

I love the miles ahead tank in deep camo. I have one in a slightly different model...same fabric I think... muscle tank. I really like how light and airy it is. Love how this one ties in the back.

Andreea said...

I really like the look of the jaded pleated WU, but I'm a total nulux convert now, and I have enough casual bottoms. I ordered the Vivid Vision and Nouveau Mach Blue Fast and Frees. These are hands down my new fave pants. Nulux, side pockets, high rise, perfect 7/8 length that hits right at my ankles, don't slip and slide. I'm replacing all of my luxtreme bottoms with these now, I'm at (now) 6 pairs.

Anonymous said...

I did same thing with Luon borttoms, but with Luxtreme. So glad lulu makes more choices of them now. Hate Luon, it pills, collects everything on it, yuck! I do have a couple of Nulux pants, they are ok, but not enough compression for me to be in love

Anonymous said...

Love the Lacescape but hate aligns and I hate high rise and that seems to be all they do now. Maybe, just maybe, they'll come out with them in just plain, regular rise wuc's. I won't hold my breath though. I like the pleat wunder under tight too but don't ever wear wup to yoga, just crops, and don't wear athletic wear outside of the gym. I hope that style pops up in crops that aren't high rise.

Scarlet is a beautiful red color but too bad it's on the speed ups. Speed shorts were pretty much the only and last thing I bought lately since everything else has been discontinued that I bought multiples of.