Tuesday, September 19, 2017


New Rulu Define Jackets in Hero Blue, Gator Green, and Heathered Slate.

Nulu Shape Up Pullover

New Form Coat, made of Spacer.

Coco Pique Kitsilano LS

New Expressions Love Tee

Miles Ahead Short Sleeve. This is tempting to me but I'll wait to see it in the store.

New Form Crop, made of Spacer.

White Dark Cast Swiftly LS and tank

Mile Ahead Tight

Miles Ahead Short

Mach Blue Align Pant

Nouveau Mach Blue print Fast and Free Tight.

Uplifting Scrunchie

Olive Down For It Jacket

Olive Down for It Vest

Nothing for me today. I bought the Dark Cast/Black Rest Less Half Zip and two Breeze Swiftly LS (Olive and Slate) last week so don't really need to spend more money this week. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Nothing for me either.

Another blue align pants? Boring.

Sherry said...

Thinking about getting a rulu define. Do you know if they are stretchy? Snug like the regular define?

Anonymous said...

I hope this means gator green will be making a comeback! I love that colour and so sad I didn't buy anything in it ��

I was also hoping for the return of military green which in some pictures the bottoms look like they are the military colours but in product photos it shows dark olive. Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

Would have ordered the Shape Up Pullover if it weren't for the color blocking on the sleeves. I hate color blocking so much, haha. Nothing for me this week. I've been hunting down some older Lulu styles on Poshmark and eBay. Just scored some rare and pretty tank tops with built-in bras! :)

By the way, when do you guys think that Black Tight Stuff Tight II's might get put in the WMTM section, like last time? I've had my eyes set on them for a long time, but the price is a little much. Do you think they might go on sale for Black Friday?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness i dont need anymore winter jackets ....and more drab colours. I am saving this time around...and last upload. Yay. I did go back to buy candy pink ftbw and almafi blue energy...as well as jaded energy on wmtm. I did get both sets of vivid vision and polychromatic so i hope to stop soon

WS said...

Hi! Get the Miles ahead short sleeve in camo! You will love it! Perfect fit - little loose- longer in the back- and breezy- and CAMO! I got my swiftly size - 4 - and it fits perfect.
Also/ the kitsilano long sleeve in the cocoa pique or whatever it is- is amazing and so much cuter in person!

LuluAddict said...

@WS - thanks!

@ anon 6:25 pm - I feel the same way. The sleeves ruin in.

@Sherry - I'd bet it's stretchier than a regular Define.

Rise and Shine said...

I'm with you, anon @6:25. I was like, Oooh, I'll need all of those. And then I noticed the sleeves. Nope. Not going to be participating in that trend. Is it a trend? I assume so. Usually really stupid looking design is because of trends.

Waiting for Pushing Limits Tight (not the 7/8) and still waiting for Aeon Blue LS and SS Swiftlies.

I do think they've turned a corner though. Still too many heathered items and too many dark colors, but overall the designs are a step up from a year ago.

Anonymous said...

LLA: Are the colors for the Sweat and Savasana sweater the same as last year's colors? Specifically, is the gray color the same gray as last year?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:25pm - I'm sure the black Tight Stuff Tight IIs will only go to WMTM if they come out with a new version. I have several pairs and can tell you they are worth their full price if you are runner who carries weight in your lower half.

Anonymous said...

The Down For It Jacket looks nice, but for that price, in those colors? Nope! I decided to go with a Melanite Round Trip Jacket instead; it's much cuter! I also decided to get the Wine Berry Studio Pants on the Canadian website; did the U.S. get those too?

Anonymous said...

anon@6:25 pm
Totally agree re Shape Up Pullover color blocking on the sleeves...I think the navy is the only solid, but I have a navy hoodie and wanted black.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:02 am - the gray looks similar (same?) to last year: http://www.luluaddict.com/2016/11/spotted-in-stores-in-cinch-pack-sweat.html

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:02 am, the gray is slightly (just slightly) lighter than last years.

@LLA, definitely get the camo tee. The dark cast looks more green in person. It's barely sheer and the mesh is soft and sturdy.

stylistadiva1 said...

I like the Shape Up Pullover, but Canada didn't get it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:25: Basic colors in core items only go to WMTM when they are being discontinued. This is why you will never see black Wunder Under crops/pants or black/white Energy Bras for instance in WMTM. The prints, yes. The black in capsules like the Twist & Train, yes. Tight Stuff Tights II are a core running item so if you want the black, buy the black as it will not be going to WMTM unless they come out with a new version, and even then, they will let the old version sit till sold at times.

Anonymous said...

Wow, another blue Align. Probably because we don't have enough blue Aligns yet. Eyeroll.

But seriously though, where are my greens, red's, and purples? I missed out on awesome colors like Dark Adobe, Deep Rouge, and Dark Forest, and all these blue shades are making me blue. :( Hope this week brings a change.