Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pleat Energy Bra, Rest Less Pullover, Print Aligns, and More

Extra Mile Vest and Rest Less Half Zip.

Rest Less Half Zip

I bought my first Rest Less Pullover last year  and became a big fan. Though I didn't love the look of the new Rest Less tops from the website I liked them a lot once I tried them on. I ended up getting the Dark Cast Half Zip.

Ms. K. took a photo of the new Pleat Energy Bra.

Another photo of the new print Lacescape Aligns.

Run On Jacket and Shape Up Pullover. People are sizing up at least one size in the pullover, if not two.

Run hats and gloves have arrived in the stores.

Scarlet Speed Up Shorts (thanks to Ms. K.).

Extra Mile LS. I thought the rulu was thick and soft.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Run On bra?

Unknown said...

The scarlet Speed Up shorts seem to have disappeared off the site... did they already sell out or something ?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:49 am - I did! It went a little low in the armpits on me and I thought the support was similar to the Energy Bra so I passed on it.