Monday, September 11, 2017

Australian & HK Spoilers

 New colors in the Back in Action Tank in Mystic, Figue, and Lavender Gray. Made of pima cotton.

Back in Action LS in Lavender Gray and Mystic.

Sweat About It Tank in Teal Green, made of Seriously Light Luon.

Run On Tank in Dark Olive, made of UV sweat-wicking material.

Run On Crops and Tights, shown in black. Made of luxtreme. Also comes in Irregular Denim Twill B/W.

Irregular Denim Twill Energy And Free to Be Zen Bras.

Irregular Denim Twill Wunder Under Crops and Tights. The text says these are made of luon. Shown in Black/White and Dark Olive/Black versions.

Run On Jogger, made of Rulu. Shown in Black and Hero Blue.

Hotty Hot Shorts Interlace Alpine White/Black

Irregular Denim Twill Run All Day Backpack

I'm a little behind in updating the HK site. I think this was uploaded last week - Mile Ahead Tank in Black and Deep Camo. I like this. The print looks a bit like the Run for Days from a couple of years ago.

Run On Jacket in Black and Midnight Navy


Anonymous said...

LOVE THE Mile Ahead Tank in Deep Camo, Run On Crop and Tights look nice. Looking for nulux fabric for weight tho.

Anonymous said...

That Back in Action LS is the most hideous item I've seen in a long time.

Anonymous said...

The tank and l/s colours are gorgeous. The l/s has way too much fabric in back and then very plain in front, not a style I like.

Rise and Shine said...

Ha - how do you really feel, anon @ 2:56? But, I must agree, it's pretty bad. The bagginess is bad, but the seaming makes it even worse.

I made my first real attempt at finding something at Athleta over the weekend. They had a bunch of shirts that felt wonderful, but looked a lot like the Back In Action. I don't understand the muumuus for athletes concept. I mean, I get flowy love child yoga mama, but those women are usually super fit and while they might not want to wear form fitting clothes, they are not putting on sacks.

I spent a good 45 minutes trying things on at Athleta, but walked out empty-handed. The cut on everything seemed really off. Like, short sleeve tops were perfectly fitted - except under the arms, where fabric bunched so much it was almost painful. Or sweaters so oversized I had to size down to an XXS - I'm 5'9" and 150. Tanks gapped. Leggings were too baggy in the waist (and I'm a bit tubby in the waist). I really tried, but nothing worked. Maybe I am too picky. I think I got spoiled by old Lulu.

Anonymous said...

The Back In Action tank looks like a maternity top. It's awful.

Anonymous said...

only a few of the pics load. It's annoying. Lulumum had this same issue and it was because of how she was posting the photos.
I've given up...

Anonymous said...

I like some of the patterns, but would really love to see something besides black white patterns. Honestly, I love black/white and grey, but already have so much of it!