Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pleat Energy Bra, Rest Less Pullover, Print Aligns, and More

Extra Mile Vest and Rest Less Half Zip.

Rest Less Half Zip

I bought my first Rest Less Pullover last year  and became a big fan. Though I didn't love the look of the new Rest Less tops from the website I liked them a lot once I tried them on. I ended up getting the Dark Cast Half Zip.

Ms. K. took a photo of the new Pleat Energy Bra.

Another photo of the new print Lacescape Aligns.

Run On Jacket and Shape Up Pullover. People are sizing up at least one size in the pullover, if not two.

Run hats and gloves have arrived in the stores.

Scarlet Speed Up Shorts (thanks to Ms. K.).

Extra Mile LS. I thought the rulu was thick and soft.

Lacescape Align Tights and Scarlet Love Tee

Lacescape Aligns and Scarlet Love Tee

Lacescape Aligns and Shape Up Tank


I see some new items on the website. Pics and comments to follow.

Scarlet Love Tee. Note the cute bottoms previewed with this. I might order this top.I ordered this.

Scarlet Run Times and Speed Up Crops

Psychic Fast and Free Tights. I like the whole outfit.

Midnight Navy Psychic Swiftly

Jaded Pleat Energy Bra

Pleat Define

Pleat Wunder Under Tight, in Jaded.

Lacescape Dark Cast Align Crops and Tights. I might order the crops.I ordered the crops.

Garnet Swiftly LS. I hope this color shows up in the Breeze Swiftly LS. I've become a big fan of those lately.

Miles Ahead Tank

Shape Up Tank in Moody Blues, made of nulu.

Love Crew in Psychic and Garnet

Viola Scuba IV

Side Story Tee in Garnet and Black

Canada got Fast and Free Tights in the Vivid Vision Print.

Nothing for me yet. I ordered the Scarlet Love Tee and Lacescape Align crops.Did you order anything?