Tuesday, August 1, 2017


New print, called Culture Clash, in Wunder Half Tight and Tights. I ordered both to try. I haven't tried the half tight style yet.

Culture Clash Energy Bra.

Speed Up shorts, regular and long, in Culture Clash.

Hotty Hot and Run Times Culture Clash Shorts.

New Our Sport Tank. It reminds me a lot of the Hotwave Tank, which I love. I ordered the black to try.

The Fast as Light Muscle tank is back. I know a lot of people are super happy about this.

Mineral Blue Love Tee V

Pelt Define

Pelt Align Pants

Speed Up Crops and Tights

Pow Pink Swiftly. Pow is one of my favorite pinks.

Night Tide LS Swiftly

Chase Me Crops

Final Lap LS in Dark Forest

Final Lap SS

White/Black Pace Perfect

All Set Hobo

Etch Maxi Go Lightly

Quite a big shopping day for me - Culture Clash Wunder Under Crops and Tights, Culture Clash Energy Bra, and the black Our Sport Tank. Did you get anything today?


gordonsgrl said...

Just tried on new speed up short again. It's pocket is one continuous pocket inside waist band alll along front and sides. This seems to make the waistband a bit looser. Presumably so there is room for lots of stuff

Anonymous said...

I ordered Fast as Light muscle tank, new Speed Up shorts in gray to try, Minimal Tank and Minimal shorts from last upload

Anonymous said...

Confused: Chase Me Crop is a 21" luxtreme crop with a bunch of pockets. Speed Up Crop is a 21" luxtreme crop with a bunch of pockets. All good so far. But one is $88 and the other is $118. Uh... what? I'm sure they each have some distinguishing features, but this is a pretty wide price difference.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of nice stuff in the upload this week. I'm very curious about the colour pelt. Is it purple? Grey? Brown? With the super-saturated high-contrast photos, I really have no idea. I tend to be disappointed how much duller things look in real life, but am hoping that pelt is interesting. I love the pelt Define jacket. Also, what's up with that $68 herringbone vinyasa scarf?? Is there something super special about it?

Anonymous said...

I love the hotwave tank too! Thanks for the heads up about the Our Sport. I will have to grab one to try.

Anonymous said...

I just don't like this stuff. Or the things I do respond to are too similar to things I already have. I agree with a commenter on a previous post that I'm beyond annoyed at the change to the speed tights. The changes to the butt seam make the models' butts look long and flat. I might get the black current invigorate bra but everything else is a pass for me (again).

Anonymous said...

Can someone describe the pelt color? It looks like it's warm grey / faded black.

Anonymous said...

What top is the ombré one seen in the blue chase me crop??

Anonymous said...

I think I may order the pow pink swiftly. Don't need it though so will sleep on it first.

That new print makes me dizzy, can't look at it for more than a few seconds without feeling nauseous.

Unknown said...

wooo!!!! yayyy fast as light tank is baaaack!

Anonymous said...

I'm just so bored of lulu these days. I used to get super excited for upload days, Now I don't even look! It's the same old styles in new colours. Every week. Nothing grabs my attention anymore! Sad what it has become.

Anonymous said...

Re PELT: For those interested in the pelt colour, I am looking at it right now in direct sunlight. It's kind of a dusty charcoal minked aubergine up close. The base colour is definitely more dusty aubergine than grey or mink brown, but it has those two tones as well. Definitely a nice neutral.

CatepillarInTraining said...

I actually really like this print, and that it has some red/pink tones (maybe boom juice?) in it. I would ordinarily order a few pieces but since some of these are new items (speed up shorts) and I'll be on vacation at a location where there's a store next week I'm going to hold out until I can try them on. Pelt looks pretty but I can tell it's one of those colors I need to see in person.

Anonymous said...

I was at Nordstrom online today and found a Zella high waisted crop with a print very similar to the culture clash multi color. Same color scheme but slightly smaller pattern.

Anonymous said...

Went in to my local store to try on the new Speed Up Tight and Speed Up Short. Neither worked for me. On the tight, having a horizontal seam at waist only on the front and not on the back looked odd to me. Certainly not flattering on me. The pocket being longer is really not a help to me. Harder to reach some items. Also found they run a tad small. Took more effort than usual to get my TTS on. For the short,I found the waist was slightly less compressive than the Speed short waist, but the overall spec seems to be slightly smaller. Wondering about the leg circumference too. Felt smaller than on Speed Short.

The Cardio Squad Jacket looked cute in the photo, but the silhouette was too off for me...the shorter, slightly curved front hem didn't work for me. Great in concept. Not great imho in execution.

Bought the Our Sport Tank in peri. Love the shirring. Felt like it ran on the large end of TTS, if that makes sense.

The color Pelt is a brown color, fairly red casted to me. Like Melanite, it depends on what light it is in when you look at it. I had to bring both colors outside to see what I thought.

The new L/S Swiftly night tide mixed with black looks too similar to Sapphire/black to me. The color itself is nice...different. Saw it in one of the shorts I think.

Anonymous said...

@6:54, thanks for the color description on pelt. I'll have to go in store to check it out in person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 2:55,
Would you say the periwinkle color is more purple than blue? Looks more blue on the website. I'm looking for another purple hued tank. TIA!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on the colour pelt. I went into my store today and, as I had suspected would be the case, the colour is much duller in person than in the amped-up website photos. I found it to be a bit drab, pleasant enough I guess, but not as rich as I was hoping. It's like a duller, browner version of black cherry.

Unknown said...

Not much for me in this upload but I did order the Hotty Hot Shorts 2.5" in the lip gloss color that went on WMTM. The culture clash print is cool but I just have a lot of prints that are kind of similar to it. Maybe if they go on WMTM eventually I'll grab something in that print, but I just can't justify the price for something that is similar to what I already own.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:19 AM, it's more blue than purple for sure. But it is a red casted blue, giving it that ever so slight hint of purple. Personally, I love it.